Lately we have come to the point of not believing in pages to make money on the Internet, by people who create fake pages to make profit from it. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and even waves of comments directed to these people have been highlighted, highlighting that even they are self-serving because when their pages are registered by the Marketing Association (just to see if it is feasible or not), they end up blocking the pages created before.

We believe that it was necessary to give you this information to highlight that ysense is a reliable and feasible page.

If you are interested in knowing more about this page and how to make so much money with it, the best thing is to follow the article and know the tricks and tactics that will lead you to it.

What is ysense?

ySense is a platform that offers the possibility to earn money completely free of charge through online tasks and paid surveys.

Previously known as ClixSense, it has been online since 2007 and has over 5 million registered users.

How Ysense works

The registration process on the platform has changed slightly and now you simply have to enter an email and a password. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email to activate the account and that’s it, you will be able to access it. You must put an email that is associated with your PayPal account.

The operation of the page is very simple:

  • You register
  • You earn points
  • You exchange the points for money or prizes

Making money with Ysense

The methods for generating income remain practically the same as in the old platform, although little by little new sections will be added and we will update them in this same post. At the moment they are the following:

  • Paid surveys: In this section you will find many opportunities to earn money with paid surveys. Depending on the country you live in, you will get more or less.
  • Offers: Here you will find all kinds of paid offers: downloading of applications, registration on other pages, display of advertisements, etc. Apart from those on the ySense wall, you will also see those of OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Adscend, Wannads and AdGate.
  • Minitrabajos: Small tasks and mini jobs coming from the Figure Eight platform. Aside from the great gains you can make through this section, if you’re a very active user you can achieve excellent additional rewards.
  • Affiliates: Another way to get income on this platform is by taking advantage of its excellent referral system. The commissions are really attractive and it’s worth sharing your invitation link.
  • Toolbar Ysense: As with ClixSense, there is also a browser addon available here that alerts you whenever a new job, task or survey is available. It is really useful and works for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
  • Daily checklist: The daily checklist is a way to reward your activity within the platform.  You can earn up to 16% additional bonus.

How to get paid at Ysense

The means of payment for receiving the profits are still in the process of being incorporated, although it is expected that they will eventually be the following:

  • PayPal: minimum withdrawal 10$
  • Skrill: minimum withdrawal 10$
  • Payoneer: minimum withdrawal 50$
  • Amazon: minimum withdrawal 10$
  • Steam: minimum withdrawal 10$

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What did you think of this article? Is there anything else you want to know about making money with ySense? In any case, leave us your questions in the comments, we will be happy to answer them.


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