The Minecraft online market

Minecraft begins its new project the market of creations for players. Minecraft begins its sales block: in a market new players should now be able to make their designs in exchange for money. Obviously the transactions will be commissioned by Microsoft. Minecraft players can now purchase in-game blocks from other people. Microsoft expanded the popular game to a place called Store Market and also presents its own game currency. Players may be able to make in the market, their own creations to be able to make money easily. At first, according to Microsoft and most famous Mine Crafter projects like Blockworks, Nocrew or image verses are available. Facilities include adventure maps, texture packs or mini games. Who wants to sell content of own production, must in first member of Minecraft to the program of partners.

Who wants to go shopping in the minecraft market, needs an Xbox Live account. The new feature was released in the spring for the pocket version on Android and IOS according to the company as well as for Windows 10 will continue to work on other platforms. In mid-April there was a public beta phase with the Android version of "Minecraft: Pocket Edition", mainly to test the new minecraft coin coin game. All things that appear in the Minecraft market must be bought with real money that is then exchanged for fictitious coins of the game itself. Prices of coins vary according to Microsoft in the format of the following stacks 1.99 euros for 300, 4.99 euros for 840 and 9.99 euros for 1720 coins. How many of these coins are needed for the creations in the market? Developers have yet to decide. Microsoft provides images on sample rates of 200 coins per object. The ability to download and install the Minecraft content off the market will be maintained, according to Microsoft. The new feature is an additional offer. You should also reduce the risk of infection with malware by installing third-party content. If you want more information about how to get free coins in minecraft follow the post of the link.

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