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Minecraft Scaffolding: Everything you need to know

The scaffold is a block designed to facilitate construction in survival mode. This block will allow you to reach higher places and then descend safely, avoiding fall damage. Scaffolding blocks can be stacked on top of each other and can be placed horizontally.

The placement of scaffolding blocks in the world is quite different from the placement of any other type of block. We can place the first scaffolding block by right clicking on the ground, and then right clicking on the scaffolding will expand in the direction our character is facing. In horizontal position there is a placement limit, but in vertical position scaffolding will continue to be placed until we run out of it in the inventory.

You can place one scaffold on top of another by pressing “left shift + right mouse click” on the top of a scaffold block.

Make a Scaffold in Minecraft


To make a scaffold in Minecraft we will need:

  • Six units of bamboo and one unit of yarn
  • If we place these objects on a crafting table, following the directions in the image above, we will get six scaffolding units.

Using Scaffolding

The Scaffold has no collisions. The player can climb up by jumping or descend by crouching inside a Scaffold. The Scaffold can be moved with pistons, allowing them to break easily.

When a Scaffold is placed on top of lava the Scaffold will burn after a while.

The Scaffold can also be used as fuel in a furnace or also in a smoker, melting 6 objects per block.

Curiosities of Scaffolding

So far we have explained how to make a scaffold and its use. So that you know a little more about it, we have created a list of curiosities about scaffolding. We leave it for you below.

  • Like the water, the bed, the slime block, the lava. You can cushion your fall when you fall from too high up.
  • You can make hidden entrances and traps with the scaffolding.
  • If you break a scaffold, all the scaffolds that were supported by that scaffold will start to fall.
  • Because you cannot place water in the Nether. You can use scaffolding to move around wherever you want without worrying.
  • You can perform large constructions in survival using the scaffolding as a support to make the constructions. In real life that is the main function of scaffolding.


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