Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Here is the road map for 2020

Capcom announced the road map for 2020 of the console and PC versions of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, leading to synchronize him in April.

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The program for 2020

Console version

January 2020

  • From 24 January to 13 February - New Astral festival
  • New armor styles

February 2020

  • Joyful Festival
  • Special missions,
  • Better chance of getting gold crowns
  • a major drop rate rewards
  • Rewards with great spirit gems
  • More Grand Master points

March 2020

  • Third major update (version 13.0) - New variants of monsters # 1 and # 2

April 2020

  • Update 13.50.00 - a new arch-tempered monster and Master rank versions of existing monsters
  • Festival in Astera/Seliana

May 2020

  • Fourth major update (14.0 version)
  • The return of a monster loved by fans

June 2020

  • New monsters and a new program from June onwards

PC version

February 2020

  • New monster - Rajang
  • The Racoon City event
  • The volcanic biome
  • Accommodation update
  • Weapon Design Competition

March 2020

  • New monsters - Safi'jiiva and Zinogre Stygus
  • Addition of the frosty biome to the Guiding Lands

April 2020

  • Third major update 13.00.00 (same day as console version)
  • Two new Variant monsters
  • Update 13.50.00 (same additions as the console version)
  • Future updates released at the same time as console updates

UPDATE: the roadmap has recently been updated with all the information up to May.

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