Omega Labyrinth Life – Review

It had been a while since we reviewed a roguelike title, and this time we return with Omega Labyrinth Life, released respectively for Playstation 4 e Nintendo Switch the first day of August.

We got to try it on Sony consoles, and we're ready to tell you what we think!

When a pinch of Eroge is added to a roguelike

Who among you remembers with nostalgia titles of the caliber of the series Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

Many of us hold them close to our hearts like little jewels, but just as many do not know that this series has been repeatedly used as a skeleton to create roguelike titles that would then have taken a very different path from their inspiring models.

This just happens with Omega Labyrinth Life, which tries to freshen up the genre with a spicy touch which we will talk about later.

The title was developed by Matrix Software and published by the famous D3 Publisher, developer of most of the titles related to the series Ben 10 and some titles in the series of Naruto e Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The plot is about a girl named Hinata Akatsuki, a young woman who has recently entered the renowned Beautiful Flowers Academy, famous for its total dedication to flowers and the field that is jealously guarded inside the school yard.

Hinata is the first and only girl who has ever been welcomed from the outside, therefore she represents both a novelty and a threat to the ecosystem created during all these years of school.

What will happen to the protagonist and her classmates?

Before taking action we show you the debut trailer of the title:

What is Omega Labyrinth Life?

Omega Labyrinth Life, as previously mentioned, it refers to the mechanics already seen in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, and in particular it takes a lot if not too much inspiration from its latest chapter, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

When we speak of "inspiration" we mean in a decidedly overbearing way: for example, with regard to items we will get ingame, many of them will be clearly resumed from the point of view of the function from the famous Pokémon spinoff series. There are also examples of unique objects, but they are in a clear minority.

But what are the peculiarities of this title compared to others of the same genre?

We immediately start from the assumption that the element "slice of life"Will always be present, with banal dialogues (but in line with other titles of the genre) that will leverage the everyday life of the students, almost as if it were a visual novel.

The aim of the game will be to explore different types of dungeon multi-storey to defeat all that will want to jeopardize the floral wonder of the institute.

In these dungeons we will be able to move freely following a turn-based system with fixed movements, advancing from space to space and often encountering enemies o items to collect.

Enemies will often resurface in different areas and moments of play, creating a reuse cycle sometimes annoying e not very innovative; it must also be considered that continuing level through experience will only count within a dungeon: starting a new dungeon will make us restart from level 1.

What will really make the difference by advancing the plot are the equipment, which can be divided into 3 categories: weapons, shields and underwear.

The equipment will follow a clever logic, appearing more often in dungeons if we have a few available or if we lose them along the way.

As for the usable objects, then, there are different categories, represented by thearc for the throwable items, from a tome it's a baton to special items, A 'blister for the potions, a loaf to Foods it's a bag for the bags.

The food it will be important as, just like in the Mystery Dungeon series, we will have a satiety indicator that will go kept stable, while bags are nothing more than bags capable of hold multiple objects at a time, smart way to not have to give up useful items.

You will therefore have understood, at this point of the review, that this game has no element with which to distinguish itself from its more established progenitors, if not for one unique mechanics that might amuse some lovers of the hottest genres: Omega Power.

When we defeat an enemy we will get Experience Points and Omega Power, a power capable of gradually increase the size of our breasts and make us stronger and stronger.

The man of culture knows how powerful the power of a female breast is, and in Omega Labyrinth Life all of this is converted into one nice mechanics that could entice you to explore a dungeon deeper.

The last aspects that interest us are those related to plot andgame exploration, both rather irrelevant if not for a few “yellow sticker” moments like captivating images e dialogues which take a lot of the Japanese stereotypes of the genre.


Final judgement

Omega Labyrinth Life it is overall a decidedly title of little importance, and is also accessible at a cost in our opinion unjustifiable di € 49,99 your Playstation e € 59,99 on Nintendo Switch.

The price in no way justifies the lack of cutscenes, the fact that the little Eroge present both of poor quality and that the game mechanics are extremely similar to major titles e reworked with poor results.

La duration of the game wanders about 10 hours, then giving space to very little to leverage once the main story is over except some rather complex dungeons and some challenges to overcome.

The only mechanic that makes you smile is that Omega Power, the only truly distinctive element of the title that surrounds itself with thousands of stereotypes e poor quality content.


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