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Overwatch is a video game type shooter of first person equipment this game was developed by Blizzart, was released to the public in May 2016, for Microsoft, Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This video game Overwatch plays players in teams of 6 people , each of them choosing one of several heroes that are available, each of them has unique skills and weapons.



These heroes are divided into four classes: attack defense, tank and support. the players of each team work together to attack and defend control points, or to atacar and defend ”charges”, the players with each completed game accumulate points that give them aesthetic rewards that do not affect the performance of the game. This game was announced on November 7, 2014 during the BlizzCon 2014, and its closed beta was released on October 27, 2015. The release date of the hard beta from May 5 to May 9 for all players.



The characters of Overwatch are divided into four groups with many characters or heroes with unique abilities, among which there are subtypes, sniper, killer, shooter, etc, Offensive, Support, Defensive and Tank . Each hero possesses unique abilities depending on his role.


    • Offensive: characters in this category have great mobility and are characteristic for causing a great deal of damage in a short period of time. Having a large amount of damage, offensive heroes have defense points.
    • Tank: This character dominates the other roles, for their large number of points of defense, and life they have, the function of these characters is to defend other heroes.
    • Support: The support characters, are known in every video game as support, these characters are essential in the game, because they can apply healing, auras of protection, defenses, resistances among other advantages that will make you stand out among other players of the enemy team.
      This Overwatch videogame has game modes such as.
    • Attack: The goal in this way is to attack and capture critical targets, and the defending team has to defend the base until time runs out.
    • Escort: This mode consists of transporting a load, from one place to another the other team must frustrate this transport in any way that is.
    • Control: Two teams struggle to capture and maintain a single target at a time. The first to win two rounds have the victory.
    • Competitive: This game mode collects the previous game modes, but adds a ranking system, in which the skill and statistics of the players are captured.

This game with 14 maps and are divided into main game modes, Overwatch offers you a previously unlived experience for you to have hours and hours of entertainment, hopefully join one of our bands.



This set of Blizzard , came this 2016 with several versions, Overwatch Pc , Overwatch Ps4 and Overwatch Xbox One . It is simply an online multiplayer game, which has created many good expectations with the little that leads to the sale, each player has a role so a basic detail in this game is to know all the Overwatch characters . Depending on whether you want to be more offensive or defensive, you have to know each character’s abilities and ultimates. Due to this in internet have appeared several Overwatch guides , both in blogs and Youtube is more than normal to find useful information about this game.



The play of Overwatch Reinhardt is a play quite used and defensive, in which if we see a unit D.Va enemy that is about to explode, the Charge is used to placara the fuse enemy and defend the team is more if we get to give the enemy team we can make a move both defensive and offensive.


There is also the truco de Overwatch overtime, using the ability of Bastion, ie put in tank mode, we are very vulnerable, but if you take advantage of this ability in motion can become a very lethal play . Another trick is that of Overwatch soldier 76, when you shoot a rocket propeller we can access areas that are beyond our reach, as the shock wave will displace us. Another lethal trick is Overwatch reaper, which is to have the last ability to reaper prepared, and go to the enemy base to wait the respawn and to which they go out to use it, if it goes well you can kill all the enemy equipment.



In overwatch as in many other games there are hacks, both hacks Overwatch ps4, as hack Overwatch Pc, in the two versions there are a series of hacks to do various tricks within the game, as is the case of Overwatch aimbot , which consists of a hack that self-aimed at the target without having to point your, thus killing targets becomes a very easy task.


Another hack quite sought after in Overwatch, is the Overwatch triggerbot , which consists of a hack that fires automatically when the peephole is placed over an enemy target, in gumsup we are still working on creating a list of hacks with reliable direct download, even so if you are interested in finding overwatch hacks, search for example download aimbot Overwatch, how to hack Overwatch, Overwatch cheats or similar searches to find the hack you want from a reliable website.


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