Persona 5 Royal - Cait Sith stats and moves

Among the new Persona introduced in Persona 5 Royal is Cait sith, also known as Cat Sidhe, a fairy who takes the shape of a cat. Its name literally means "fairy cat" in reference to the legends of Scottish and Irish origins from which the famous Puss in Boots was born.

Cait Sith is a very special cat capable of speaking human languages ​​and walking on two legs. He is a great traveler and often wanders between the cat kingdom and the human world.

His first appearance dates back to Shin Megami Tensei (1992) and this is his first appearance in a Persona series title.

In Persona 5 Royal will be part of theArcane Magician.

The statistics of Cait Sith

Given the extremely low level, you will meet it in the first building, that of Kamoshida.

If you find it against, as per the table you should use Wind-type moves and absolutely avoid the Electric-type moves that will be blocked.

Put simply, used Rakes at Morgana and avoid Ryuji's Uncle!

Cait Sith is a Person that we were pleased to see again, but who does not represent anything special in terms of strength in the game. However, it can be very useful in the early stages of the game, thanks to Tarukaja, Media and Marin Karin!

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