Persona 5 Royal - Confidant Guide Shinya Oda (Tower)

Shinya Oda is a kid who will be able to come across in the Akihabara arcade, especially skilled in shooting games.

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize this Confidant (Arcane Tower), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

How to unlock Confidante Shinya Oda

Shinya Oda is an elementary school boy with black hair and a hat on his head that says "Get Smoked". He is considered an exceptionally gifted gamer, and often boasts his victory in a popular online shooter.

Despite this extreme self-confidence, he still seems to be looking for the help of the Phantom Thieves during the events of the game.

It will be possible to unlock this Confidant by completing the mission "Winners don't cheat ", which will be assigned to us by Mishima on 9/4 and will consist in surviving for 3 turns against a target in the Memento.


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