Persona 5 Royal - Guide on management and leveling of Social Skills

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In Person 5 Royal, le Social Stats are indispensable attributes for unlocking various secrets. Put simply, these are statistics that must be developed by carefully choosing which activities to carry out every day.

They are also essential for increasing the rank of some Confidant. Some of them won't even want to know you without the right stats, and their friendship is essential to obtain all Persona in the game.

Makoto's Social Link, for example, can only start if our character has Knowledge at Rank 3

Unlike EXP which increases by defeating shadows and exploring dungeons, Social Skills grow individually earning points by performing certain actions. All social skills start from Rank 1 and reach the maximum Rank 5.

There are 5 Social Skills: Knowledge (Knowledge), Charm (Charm), Kindness (Kindness), Courage (Guts) and Expertise (Proficiency).


Knowledge is a pretty easy stat to maximize. Answer correctly during the lessons will allow you to get 1 point.

Outside of class, the activities that will give you the most boost are study (it can vary from +1 to +3 in case of exams or rain) and order a coffee or fruit tea in Diner in Shibuya (+2 normally, +3 in case of rain).

Among the various Social Links, it will be that of Hifumi togo (Stella) which will help us develop this statistic further.

Other methods by which you can gain Knowledge are order any food at the Shibuya Diner (+1, +2 in case of rain), sleep and obtain Knowledge among the various random bonuses and read the books "The Great Thief","Wise Men’s Words"And"Medjed Threat".

You will need to have this statistic at Rank 3 to begin the Social Link of Makoto (Papessa) and Maximum rank to unlock the eighth level from Social Link by Hifumi (Stella).


Essential especially for the Confidants of the game phases more advanced, you might even neglect it in the first few hours of the game.

The best way to get Charm is to go to bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya (+2 from Friday to Sunday, +3 on other days, probability of a further boost in case of rain), order al Maid Cafe in Shinjuku (+ 2) e achieve high results during exams (the maximum result gives a +3).

I Confidante of Ohya (Diavolo) e Yoshida (Sole)They can also help by increasing this statistic as our relationship with them grows stronger.

You can effectively increase the Charm (Charm) too playing specific video games (Gambla Goemon, Punch Out), reading the books "The Alluring Dancer","Playing the game"And"Buchiko's Story”And working part-time at Crossroads Bar if you talk to the Woman with an evening dress (+ 2).

You will need to have this statistic at Rank 3 to begin the social link of Hifumi (Star), Rank 4 to reach theeighth level of the Social Link of Takemi (Morte) and maximum to reach the level 6 of the Social Link of Makoto (Papessa).


There are two ways to efficiently level Kindness (Kindness): working part-time for the florist located at the Centro comm. underground of Shibuya (+2, +3 if you make up the right bouquet for certain customers) and give your plant some fertilizer (up to +3 if you give it the most cost).

The Confidants who can then help in leveling are undoubtedly those of Sojiro (Ierofante) e Shinya (Tower).

Alternative but still efficient ways to increase Kindness (Kindness) I'm watching the movie Miserable Month (+3), work on Crossroads bar and talk to the Downcast Woman (+3) and, finally, read the books "Zorro the Outlaw","The Illusory Popess"And"Call Me Chief".

It is essential to bring this statistic to the Rank 2 to access the second level of the Social Link of Ann (Amanti), Rank 4 to access the second level of the Social Link of Futaba (Hermitage) and Rank 5 to access the seventh level of the Social Link of Sojiro (Ierofante).

Courage (Guts)

Courage (Guts) is one of the stats more difficult to increase in the course of our game given the few related activities.

The first activity in which it will be convenient to spend some time trying to earn some points will be studying in the school library, which will also give us points in Knowledge (Knowledge), even if the Guts boost is not guaranteed.

In the most advanced phase of our run we will be able to try our hand at the challenges of Big Bang Burger, which will consist of the eat a huge sandwich. Each time we manage to finish the sandwich that will be served to us, we will access the next level of the challenge. The third and final challenge will give us a +3 each time.

Spend time with the doctor Takemi (Morte) he can also help us by giving us some more points.

Then there are other activities that will allow us to still get a good amount of points, such as watch specific movies during appointments ("Like a Dragon" and "Pach-Saw", +3), read "Pirate Legend","The Gallant Rogue","Cry of Cthulu","Ghost Encounters"And"Master Swordsman"(+3 for each) and, finally, working on Crossroads bar and talking to him Scary-looking man (+ 2).

With Courage (Guts) al Rank 2, we will be able to lead to the second level the Social Link of Takemi (Morte), Rank 3 we can begin the Social Link of Kawakami (Temperaza) and ai Rank 4 e 5 we can, respectively, begin e lead to the eighth level the Social Link of Iwai (Hung).

Expertise (Proficiency)

Finally, we come to the Expertise (Proficiency). This statistic can be easily leveled building the tools to infiltrate the buildings. Each craft, in fact, will allow us to obtain a bonus of 2, if you are lucky also of 3.

Furthermore, the higher the stat, the more items will be crafted per session.

As for part-time jobs, the best choice you can make for leveling is undoubtedly the Beef Bowl Store (+2, +3 if in crowded situations you will remember all the orders).

It will also be possible to earn additional points by following the Social Link of Iwai (Hanging).

As with all other stats, there are non-ideal but still efficient enough ways to earn extra Proficiency points, such as playing in Batting Cage (+1, +2 if you get all the balls), read the books "Tidying the Heart"And"Woman in the Dark” (+3 for each) and finally work on the Crossroads Bar and talk to the Female office worker (+ 2).

As for Social Links, it will be necessary to have Proficiency at Rank 4 to reach the sixth level of the Social Link of Yusuke (Imperatore) and maximum to reach the Rank 2 with Haru (Empress).

Curiosity: the higher you have the Proficiency, the more chances you will have of dodge the chalks thrown by the teacher in class!

And after having talked in depth also about the Proficiency, we can conclude this guide.

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