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One of the main features of Person 5 Royal that unite it with the other titles of the Shin Megami Tensei series are the so-called Personae, entities from popular stories and mythological tales that are grouped into 23 groups, the Arcana.

In this guide we will examine the exponents of the Arcanum Force, examining the general characteristics of the game and its origins.

The Arcanum Force

This Arcanum is represented by a young woman holding a beast with her hands. It does not represent mere physical strength, but also morality and strength of the heart.

The appearance of this tarot represents for the individual the maintenance of self-control, sweetness and courage towards the banal brute force.

The Personae of this Arcanum are often gods with impressive physical strength, a characteristic that makes them famous in their tales and that is perfectly reflected in the skills they will use in the game.

The individuals who belong to it, on the other hand, are characterized by a strong idealistic and sentimental component, two concepts that place above everything.

The Confidants representing the Arcane Force in Persona 5 Royal are Justine e Caroline, the two assistants of Igor in the Velvet Room who will help the protagonist to enhance his Personae through the mergers.

In the last semester of the game, they will be replaced by Lavenza, the latter being the union of the two.

Personae table

All the Arcana of the game

In total, there are 23 Arcana in the title, each represented by a tarot card and a Confidant.

For more information on each of them, we refer you to all our guides on the subject:

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