Persona 5 Royal - How to Build the Lasting Lockpick

Just like in Persona 5, even in the Royal version, players will have the opportunity to create useful objects while exploring the various Palaces, namely the Infiltration tools.

Among these stand out the picks, tools that through their consumption / use will allow you to open the chests located in the various dungeons.

However, there is an even better version of the lock picks (il Durable lock pick), which unlike the common ones is not consumed when we use it to open a chest!

In this new guide we will reveal how to unlock it, what tools you will need to make it and which Shadows to beat to get them.

How to unlock the Durable Lockpick and list of required items

To unlock the creation of the Eternal Lockpick you must have reached rank 6 with the Confidante of Morgana, which increases automatically, then wait for the 29 August and through the table located in your room you can create lasting Lockpicks.

To create this improved version of the regular lockpicks, you will need them 10 Mercury e 20 Aluminum foil.

Items can be obtained in the palace of Futaba or in that of Okumura from the Shadows listed in the table below:


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