Persona 5 Royal - New Game + Bonus Guide

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Shivam Sai Gupta

Just like in Persona 5, the New Game + mode will also be available in the Royal version of the title.

This mode allows us to import our end-of-game data once the game is over, while also unlocking several new features.

Obviously, we specify that you will have to start the new game by loading the completed game data (marked differently), then save at the end of the game and then continue from that save!

We at have therefore decided to create a useful guide to show you all the peculiarities of this mode.

What will carry over to the new game?

The New Game + will give you the ability to create Satanael, la Stronger person than P5 Royal, unlock secret bosses and finally the possibility of using the powers obtained by the Confidants, but only in case you get the new ending.

Below we list what will actually be transferred:


Don't worry, you can buy back any Persona from your previous game! Unfortunately, you'll still have to buy them back so make sure you finish the game with a good amount of money.

  • Grimoire of Personae: All the Personae that you have accumulated in the Compendium will already be available and can be purchased freely immediately.
  • Information on enemy analyzes: you will not have to rediscover the weaknesses of the enemies.


You won't have any reason to waste time on extra activities unless you've maximized your Social Skills yet or want to further improve your stats, but we doubt it.

  • Social skills: you won't need to do them all over again.
  • HP and SP enhancements- Very useful for bosses and enemies in the Palaces.
  • Effects of jazz club cocktails: see point above.


Very useful is the fact that you can import your money and therefore have access to many things right away.

  • Equipment: Possibility to accumulate even more weapons and armor!
  • Weapon customization: you will not have to remodel any weapon.
  • Skill cards: useful for purchasing Personae and teaching them strong skills right away.
  • Darts set: nothing relevant.
  • Fishing rods: nothing relevant.
  • Durable pick: you will save a lot of time before Kawakami.
  • Money: to be combined with unbridled shopping on the Personae del Grimoire.


Minor bonuses that weigh little on your new game. Nothing particularly relevant.

  • Score / Rewards Challenge Battles: useful for rewards.
  • Collected stamps: to speed up the collection process.
  • Game time: no concrete benefit.

Gifts from Confidants

Confidants' gifts will also be transported. Keep in mind that some matching skills will be unlocked once the bond with the Confidant is re-established.

  • Christmas Gifts: nothing relevant.
  • Farewell gifts: addition of Royal, very useful. Available only by reaching the new ending and talking to the Confidants we have at maximum rank the day before our farewell.

In addition, you will unlock new secret bosses, to which we will dedicate a future guide! Just like Satanael, it cannot be accessed during the first game.

Compared to the original version, Persona 5 Royal allows for the platinum trophy during the first game, which is why this mode may seem less useful.

Despite this, given the beauty of the title, we believe it is fine to start it all over again, given the huge bonuses we will have, designed to help collectors.

For those wondering, the rank of Confidants won't carry over as they are linked to story events, but you'll still have access to many of their abilities thanks to the final items.

When you say goodbye to the Confidants at the end of the first game (only in the new ending) you will receive some very useful items that will allow you to use some of the Confidants Skills.

Thanks to the Social Skills from the previous game, you won't have to spend unnecessary time reading, eating or other activities.

If you are a collector, you cannot miss this mode, even if you will find it even easier than the original game, given the numerous advantages that can be received.

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