Persona 5 Royal - Persona Al Azif stats and moves

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One of the new features introduced with Persona 5 Royal is the possibility of evolving the Personae of the allies by a further stage, increasing their offensive potential but at the same time recalling the first stage with its aesthetics.

In this guide we will explain the abilities, moves and stats of Al Azif, third Person obtained from Futaba Sakura.

Origin and appearance

The name Al Azif derives from the original Arabic nomenclature of Necronomicon, a recurring fictional book in horror novels by celebrated writer Howard Philips Lovecraft.

In Lovecraftian mythology, the Necronomicon is a black magic book written by an Arab named Abdul Alhazred, who lived around the eighth century and died after being torn apart by invisible entities in the city of Damascus.

He was first mentioned in the short story The Hound, only to be mentioned continuously in the various stories told by the writer.

The content of this tome (and the reason why it is so feared) would be a series of rituals and descriptions designed to explain in detail the nature of beings who have inhabited the Earth since ancient times and continue to influence humans for their own purposes. Typically, it is used precisely to get in touch with them.

Its use, often and willingly, causes a complete loss of sense in the individual.

Returning to the Person, Al Azif recalls a pyramid in its aesthetics, clearly recalling the main theme of the Futaba Palace.

It also has several features that give it a technological look, such as the metallic material, the symbols on the edge and the blue lights in the center and on the sides.

Being a Persona that we will never be able to use directly, he will not have any stats or weaknesses, but he will have a wide variety of skills that he can use to support the party.

Statistics (lv. 99)


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