Persona 5 Strikers - Complete Guide to Postgame and New Game +


Persona 5 Strikers postgame and new game + overview and guide, including new requests after completing the game's main story, a list of what's kept in the ng + and new features unlocked.

The Persona 5 Strikers postgame is unlocked by completing the game's main story. Once the player loads the completed game save file, the protagonist will be redirected to the Velvet Room and will talk to Lavenza.

After talking to her, the protagonist will return to the hideout during the infiltration period of the final dungeon.

New requests will be sent to the Joker and the Phantom Thieves and we will have to complete them before we can proceed to the New Game +. Completing postgame requests will also give the player new rewards, such as powerful weapons and armor.

Hunting requests for powerful enemies

All these requests to powerful enemies are already available in the base game while the Metatron request will only be available in the postgame. We advise you to eliminate them in advance before finishing the base game because only once you have completed all of them will you unlock the one of Metatron, to be faced, as mentioned above, in the postgame.

"Painful past +" requests

These "Painful Past +" requests are different from the standard painful past requests as this time the bosses to be dealt with will be further enhanced. Here are all the requests:

Unlock the reaper

After completing the Strong Enemy Requests and the Painful Past Requests +, you will be able to unlock the Reaper's Request. Only once the Reaper has been defeated will we finally be able to access the New Game +

Rewards for completing the Postgame

The New Game + will be unlocked, therefore, only by completing both the base game and the Persona 5 Strikers postgame. This includes some new features like:

  • Ruthless or risky difficulty
  • The fusion of the Person Lucifer
  • Being able to skip movies
  • Availability of incense in Sophia's shop

New Game +

The new features will be unlocked after completing the Persona 5 Strikers base game and postgame. To complete the base game, simply defeat the final boss.

To complete the postgame you need to complete the additional requests and defeat the secret boss, the the Reaper. Next, you will have access to the New Game + mode of the game.

List of what is transferred into the ng +

Here is a list of what is brought and stored in the New Game +:

Character levels

The level of each member of the Phantom Thieves will be carried over to the New Game +. It is recommended that all party members start at level 70 to unlock a trophy and have a good starting level for the new difficulty unlocked.

Wolf already unlocked

Additionally, Wolf (Zenkichi Hasegawa) will already be playable in the New Game +. Can be used immediately in the first prison with no plot-level consequences.

This will be a novelty compared to Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, in which all characters will still be unlocked as the story progresses.

Character equipment

In addition to character levels, in New Game + it will be possible to access equipment acquired or purchased from the previous game. This functionality will be similar to Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal in which you can use the best weapons available for each playable character again.

Register of Personae

All Personae registered and merged by the player in the Velvet Room will also be kept. This also works in a similar way to Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal and will allow us to be able to merge higher level characters, including Lucifer. Lucifer is a New game + exclusive Persona.

New items

Here is a list of the new elements featured in Persona 5 Strikers' New game +.

Major difficulty unlocked

The highest difficulty setting called "Ruthless" is unlocked after completing the game on Normal or Hard. This mode features extremely powerful enemies for players looking for a challenge.

To give an example, even if you start the New game + at level 90 you will risk being killed with a few hits even by the weakest enemy you will encounter.

Also increases the number of incense acquired if you select this difficulty. These items are used to increase a certain stat of a Persona of our choice, thus allowing you to fight strong enemies more effectively.

But be careful: once you start the New Game + on Ruthless difficulty, you will not be able to change difficulty later. For more details you can consult the guide to difficulty levels.

Monarchs of the strongest prisons

In requests such as "The Painful Past" there will now be upgraded variants of the prison bosses with improved stats.

Since bosses are hard to beat, we recommend that you only tackle them if you have a thorough understanding of the combat system. If you manage to do this, you can unlock even better weapons for your characters.

New items in Sophia's shop

Sophia's shop will start selling various types of incense when you start New Game +.

Unlock Lucifer

The strongest person in Persona 5 Strikers, Lucifer, it can only be obtained by merging after completing the game and starting New Game +. Lucifer is a powerful person who boasts many elemental resistances.

Lucifer is a powerful Person who boasts many elemental resistances. To get Lucifer, the Joker's level will need to be at least level 90. Additionally, you will need to have the following casting materials available with the minimum required levels:

  • Black Frost (Level 67)
  • Mara (Level 72)
  • Metatron (Level 80)
  • Alice (Level 75)
  • Yoshitsune (Level 78)

These Personae required for fusion can only be obtained by defeating their “Mighty Enemies” counterparts (for Black Frost, Mara and Metatron). Also, from a certain point in the plot in we will have access to special fusions (to create Alice and Yoshitsune) in the Velvet Room.

We recommend that you also take a look at our guides on how to make a lot of money e how to gain experience easily to quickly reach level 90, necessary to get Lucifer once the New Game Plus has started.

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