The phenomenon Candy Crush

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On certain occasions arise videogames that cross borders. We're not just talking physical borders but that they become much more public, have a "something" that makes believes addiction and desire to play a lot of people. Candy Crush Saga is one of them video games more played of them last times and if, are talking of a videogame for devices mobile, both for tablets as for smartphones and not of a game as such of PC or console.

The success of Candy Crush Candy Crush Saga was a real "boom" which is why if already before beginning to exist gender freemium, i.e. the game is free but to enjoy a fuller shape or get certain objects have to pay, give out Candy Crush has become something very common in the industry. And it is not strange and is that Candy Crush King, creative company, provides a total of some 500 billion each year. This same ago predict each time more than that the real sector where is move the companies and each time more will be the of the mobile. It is already happening with apps, currently on the market we can find with millions of applications already serving for everything and make life easier and offer video games ever will be greater. Nintendo has for example given with Pokémon GO pop, and many other companies have done before towards the mobile, an industry that is still growing.

The "boom" Candy Crush

Think in Candy Crush, a video game with a mechanical as simple as is the made of move them candies and with them make rows and columns. The design is attractive if and there are many levels but graphically not are in front of a wonder, is a game of puzzle without more. This reminds video games such as Tetris, initially thought to be a puzzle of table but moved to the game and was a complete success. Who did not speak of Tetris? And now? Who does not know the Candy Crush?, a game even more accessible and has served to introduce the game to a more casual audience.

The casual public

When it comes to casual talk about those people whose hobbies are not video games, a person who plays games to pass the time and is not a collector or have interest in any particular series of games, games with more simple and simple mechanics that approximate the game, as it did in his day the wII and Nintendo DS , but on that occasion had a reason more than apparent: the introduction of it touch and the movement interactive.

Basis of the success of Candy Crush Saga

But about what has made Candy Crush is so successful and have all a sector of the population hooked? What is what makes that there are people who still to this day are spent 20 euros per month in just this game and having a full-fidelity sector?

Expansion of content and design

Above all its continuity, and if thereby they have also built school, we are talking about a video game that was launched in 2012 with 400 levels and currently has about 1400, they have been updating content and expanding throughout the game making it much more enjoyable. Another thing we have to bear in mind, although it may seem silly, is that the main theme of the game are the candy that already has a positive connotation, candies you like everyone, all sweet like most if artistically pleased to see him and their animations are good.

Social game

Another of the features that have made Candy Crush are its features as 'social' game is your you can see scores of your friends that you have played on facebook and you comfortably switch to mobile devices, you will not lose your game. Integration into various devices is 100% safe. Think that departed as video game in which only is could play in your own website, then went to the facebook and already gave a jump but what truly made this saga so popular were them devices mobile.

The "freemium" game

The last, and not least, thing to highlight is that it is free as already mentioned previously. But that in certain moments you gives the possibility of pay, a movement master above all in the time in that lose all the lives and, or can wait you 30 minutes to recover you and have infinite lives in Candy Crush or pay and play immediately. the game knows that creates addiction and desire of continue and play with that same. Is clear that when is study the game modern of mobile not fits doubt of that is will play the theme Candy Crush and the "freemium", video games that used coins or any other object as gems to redeem it by virtues of the own videogame. We can no longer think in those games of the first Nintendo or Master System, or even before the incredible difficulty of some Spectrum games or other microcomputers and that was the only way to pass them crushing buttons over and over again for to beat the level. Now the developers give us the option that if there is some level that us chokes can pull pocket. A very criticized by many resource but that in reality is it being established as a standard system and that means only one thing: work.

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