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PVZ 2 arrives. The main character of the game uses a time machine called Penny to travel to different scenarios with his neighbor, Crazy Dave, to find Dave’s cue. The main character is involved in a time race with Dr. Zomboss, the main antagonist of the previous game, who is trying to avoid a paradox.


Rating: NOTE
Available: IOS, Android
Gender: Defense tower
Players: One player
Launch date: July 9, 2019

Official PVZ 2 Trailer + Game Images

Plants vs.Zombies 2 (formerly Plants vs.Zombies 2: It’s About Time) is a defense game developed by Pop Card Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the original Plants vs Zombies, and was released worldwide on August 15, 2013. Below is the official trailer for PVZ 2 to give you an idea of what the game is all about.


To defend your garden you will need to choose the best plants according to your strategy and your ingenuity. These plants will need your care in order to face the evil zombies and prevent them from entering your house. Here are some images to see how the game works.

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How to get coins and diamonds for PVZ 2

The resources used in the game of PVZ 2 are coins and diamonds, these 2 resources are very useful for different functions of the game like improving plants, exploring new areas and many more utilities. Below you will find information on how to get coins and diamonds for free in PVZ 2

 Killing zombies will get you coins at random

ƒ Breaking the Tombs

ƒ Going above some level

 Signing up for the game with your Facebook

 With the APP Gums Up you can get coins and diamonds for free for PVZ 2


Coin and Diamond Generator for PVZ 2

On the Internet you can find many generators that will provide resources for the game you want very easily and completely free, but the complicated thing is to find generators that really provide a reliability adqueada. We recommend a very reliable generator that will provide the resources you need easily and for free.


Tutorial to get free coins and diamonds in PVZ 2

There is a lot of information about getting coins and diamonds in PVZ 2, the easiest information to process is through player information videos. Here we provide you with a video that will inform you how to get resources for PVZ 2 in a completely legal way.

What are coins and diamonds used for in PVZ 2?

Resources are very important in PVZ 2, because without them it is very difficult to overcome certain difficult levels of the game. Here we provide you with the main utilities of the coins and diamonds in PVZ 2

  • Unlocking new zones
  • Buying items
  • Improve Plants
  • Get packs


Basic guide to play PVZ 2

Before we play PVZ 2 we have to take into account a number of concepts. One of the things we should take into account is how each plant works. Each plant has specific health characteristics, damage to the enemy, shooting distance, effects or places where it can be planted. Here is a guide to learn how to play PVZ 2


Analysis of PVZ 2

We have many types of plants and with totally incredible designs and attacks: From catapults to plants that spit ice or fire! Now that you have a good idea of the game, let’s take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of PVZ 2.

Very original and creative game

Very simple gameplay and suitable for all audiences

You don’t need resources to enjoy the game

Can cause addiction and anxiety

You cannot play with other players

Short game with few levels


Share your opinion of PVZ 2

What did you think of the article? Would you be able to defeat the zombies? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share them with us.


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