Pokémon Go - Guide on how to find and catch Ditto

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Ditto is definitely one of the more elusive Pokémon featured in the series, and in Pokémon Go this is no exception, how to do then to capture it?

Although it is an extremely difficult Pokémon to obtain, given the impossibility of finding it in hatched eggs or receiving it as a reward for missions, it is necessary to capture it if you want to have the opportunity to meet special Pokémon such as Mew.

For this reason we have provided you with this guide to help you find Ditto and capture it, so get your smartphones ready, because you will need them very soon!

How to find Ditto and catch him

As you probably know, Ditto is a Pokémon able to take on the appearance of any Pokémon, finding it is therefore particularly difficult and tedious as it is not possible to find Ditto in its basic form.

The only way to understand that a certain Pokémon is actually Ditto is to do so catch him and hope it's really him.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to guess the true identity of the Pokémon by paying attention to its own difficulty in catchingIn fact, a Ditto that has the same CPs as the Pokémon it assumed will be more difficult to catch with a Pokéball than the Pokémon itself.

That said, we still invite you to take it easy as, as already mentioned, Ditto is a decidedly difficult Pokémon to catch and not particularly strong in battle. field and special missions related to it are always available.

List of "disguise" Pokémon used by Ditto

Below we propose one lista in Pokémon of which Ditto is able to take the form, this list may be subject to change over time.

Moves by Ditto

Ditto has only two moves: Transform and Botta. The first deals zero damage but allows the user to transform into the enemy Pokémon.

What do I need Ditto for?

Ditto is essential to complete the Pokédex and also pass the fifth phase of the mission necessary to obtain the legendary Mew.

Pokémon Go è currently available on all devices Android e iOS.

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