Pokémon GO, once again the magic of Nintendo

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That appeared an animated series in which Ash Ketchum, a young trainer from pallet town began his journey to be the best Pokemon Trainer with his inseparable Pikachu for nearly 20 years. Des appeared in Japan in 1996 and thus Spain des 1999 Many Pokemon video games have been created and which really caused furor. Each platform portable of Nintendo has had some game of Pokemon and without place to doubt is has become in a franchise very important for the large Japanese.

News of Pokemon GO

To tell the truth all the Pokemon games have been updated in graphics and improving your gameplay into a form more fluent but really the bases of the game has not been innovated too. All this has changed recently with Pokemon GO. We are speaking of a game that breaks them bases of all what had considered as normal and, sincerely, not could arrive in the best time. At a time in which virtual reality is booming to Nintendo is came the idea to implement that same, free and mobile, devices with which you can travel and leave the House and always carry over. What is the result? The combination of reality virtual more mobile has created a great success and that undoubtedly will change the heading of the great Nintendo and of many games in general, without place to doubts a great start in the World Mobile, after their previous success Miitomo, above all in Japan and that has had much impact both in facebook as in twitter.

Pokemon go, the last new of Nintendo

In Pokémon GO, the player will have to decide the name with which it is identified and a pokemon with which to start, but it is something important in this installment you will never have to fight a pokemon to capture it. Some Pokemon will be more difficult to capture, others easier, will depend on whether the circle that surrounds them is red or green, but ultimately you have to look, you have to see the world. Is the great novelty of this delivery, not play your in your House, not are ahead of a screen, are ahead of other world alternative to which see in the reality through the screen of our mobile, a reality augmented. Not always there will be them same pokemons in all parties although there are that have in has that there are more than 19 types different of Pokemon, according to in what habitat are find of a type u another. For example if we are going to the beach will find pokemons that are of type water. These Pokemon appear thanks to an algorithm which uses geographic markers to determine what will be in a particular area.

Pokeparadas and gyms in POKEMON GO

Likewise a time have Pokemon can have the opportunity to have the power of the gyms. Will have gyms where you can simply train depending on the color of equipment that we are: red, blue or yellow. Gyms will be the only places where we can fight our Pokemon can evolve them a powder-based although we can also get gifts and things to improve your Pokemon-based pokecoins, the money from the game with which you can buy upgrades for your Pokemon. For recharge pokeballs that is you will be spending as captures pokemons can recharge them in certain points of the city, the calls pokeparadas.

Impact of POKEMON GO to level world

One of the things that must be taken into account for this Pokemon GO is that you must be permanently connected to the Internet if you want to get new Pokemon and want to let you know when there is a pokemon near. In addition, with the short time that has been on the market already is reaching levels as the Candy Crush. Remember that nor is available in all them countries and that during those first days is have fallen them servers of Nintendo by the great amount of people that has had access to the application. To day of today is an of the applications that more time of connection gets have among them users and with more users active daily. Also fits tell that is a game of which continuously is are comaprtiendo captures of screen in facebook, twitter and other networks social.

Pokémon GO a new success of Nintendo

The furor that there is with Pokémon GO can be increased, not only because it has not yet come to all countries, but the application will grow in content. For now only have the first generation of Pokemon, about 150, but today there are about 700 series. We have no doubt that each time to implement more Pokemon and there will be more variety with that compete.

Pokemon GO has re-valued to Nintendo

Nintendo has returned to do magic, It has returned to innovating in the world of video games and how they relate with human beings. Pokémon GO will be a great precedent for what is to come, but no doubt comes great Nintendo after being camouflaged in the midst of a war between Sony and Microsoft. The hit on the table has given it this time Nintendo and will be something that the competition will study without ceasing. Nintendo shares have risen more than by 50% and have already gained about 10,000 million dollars is not something so take it lightly.

We could ask many questions as it is the case now Nintendo will bring some new portable market or will remain on mobile devices after the resounding success that has been pokemon GO or if the concept of Nintendo NX will vary according to the success of this release and the case is that we are in a very important year for the large one in Kyoto. We think that Nintendo has risen dramatically in bag and is its largest increase from 1983, the company does not receive a big success des of long time and this can change much things around the future of the same.

Nintendo to say innovation and a product or different game to what we used. Nintendo is not power graphic des of long ago, but playability and fun and has shown other great Nintendo consoles such as Wii, a console that approached gamers a more familiar and conventional public on par than nintendo DS, with a huge catalogue and was jumping to touchscreens in deeper games. This time with Pokemon GO, a single application but it never seen previously, an application that not surprises by its power brute but by a approach, a time more, of the video game to the life real.

The game is completely free but if like get according to what objects to improve to your Pokemon will need pokecoins that is buy with money real. In this case, Gums Up offers you the chance to get free pokecoins.

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