Pokémon Masters - Complete Guide to Evolutions and How to Evolve

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Pokémon Masters is finally available on Android and iOS. In this guide we will tell you about everything you need to know about Evolutions and Mega Evolutions.

Unfortunately the game is not very clear about it ...

If you are interested in other guides, you can consult our wiki with all our guides on Pokémon Masters!

How to evolve Pokémon

The prerequisites

Just like in the main series, you need to reach a certain level before evolving. On Pokémon Masters, the process isn't that straightforward though!

First of all, check if the Pokémon in question can evolve and reach the level 30.

Buy the right materials

Go to Tricia's Shop and buy a Evolutionary fragment, which will only cost you 1000 coins the first time. The price of this particular item will go up with each purchase, which is why it is better to think carefully about who to use it!

Once you have bought the fragment, you will have access to the Guides area, that is, of the Special Unit episodes. If completed, your Pokémon will evolve and increase its stats, while leaving its current level unchanged.

Don't worry, it will be possible to repeat the fight an infinite number of times, so the spent coins will not be lost!

To reach the final stage you will need to reach the level 45 and buy a Evolutionary crystal, which will initially cost exactly 5000 coins. Unfortunately, the price of this item will also increase with every purchase!

Once again, you will have to face a special battle to be able to evolve.

Why evolve my Pokémon?

In addition to the obvious stat boost, some evolutions can also give access to Mega Evolutions via Unimosse. In simple terms, By performing Unimossa, your Pokémon will Mega Evolve and will attack!

Units with evolvable Pokémon

Below are the Units that have Pokémon that can evolve:

  • Piplup at Barry (Barry)
  • Totodile di Kristy (Kris)
  • Chikorita of Zither (Lyra)
  • Seel by Alfredo (Pryce)
  • Rina's Snivy (Pink)
  • Violetta's Surskit (Viola)

Why Mega Evolve My Pokémon?

The reason is simple: I'm a huge advantage in battles. Evolution will remain for the duration of the battle.

During the Mega Evolution, Pokémon will not only have higher stats, but also a new move and possible passive abilities.

The Mega Evolutions available

Below are the Units that have Mega Evolutions:

  • Mega Gengar of Agatha (Agatha)
  • Mega Pidgeot by Blu (Blue)
  • Mega Beedrill by Raphael (Bugsy)
  • Mega Houndoom di Karen (Karen)
  • Mega Lucario by Ornella (Korrina)
  • Mega Pinsir by Savino (Nolan)

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