Pokémon Masters - How to get Gems fast!

Pokémon Masters is finally available on Android and iOS. In this guide we will tell you about how to get Gems efficiently and quickly.

Gems are nothing more than the game currency that will allow you to buy new characters to add to your team.

There are also the Paid Gems, that once purchased allow you to find all kinds of special packages that the game offers depending on the period.

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How to get Gems?

Daily Login

Means the simple access to the game every day it will be possible to obtain various rewards including our beloved Gems.

I recommend, take advantage of it if you are playing during the launch period to get more rewards!

Complete the Story

Completing the various story missions will allow us to collect a nice nest egg of Gems, which we would like to clarify will be obtainable only once per mission.

Complete Unit Episodes

Each time we get a new Unit we will also unlock a short episode where we will be able to dialogue with the character to get to know him better, and thus also obtain 10 precious Gems.

The rewards of the Missions

Once the Chapter 2 of the Story is over we will get the possibility to access the Missions, which according to the request will reward us with objects and Gems.

Among the various missions we would like to remind you that Synchronizing our account with a Nintendo will allow us to get 600 Gems!

The rewards of the Events

Depending on the period the game will test us with special Event missions that they will reward us with precious objects and often also Gems, Then keep your eyes open and complete many events!

Buying Gems

Like any self-respecting Free-To-Play there are also the so-called microtransactions, which on Pokémon Masters are converted into the purchase of Gems.

There may often be special discounts, so check the shop often!

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