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Each generation of Pokémon introduces gods Fossil Pokémon, creatures from the past that thanks to fossilization have managed to preserve part of their DNA, thus allowing their "awakening" through particular processes.

With this guide we will see how to get all the fossil Pokémon present in the new game Sword and Shield Pokémon.

Combine as much as I can!

First of all, you will have to find Fossilia Of Strattis, the fossil scholar who will bring your creatures back to life. You can find it at Path 6.

Next to her, you will find a fossil, which you can collect. At this point, head towards northwest center Pokemon: there you will find a NPC which will give you a second fossil.

Once you get it, just go back to the fossil expert who will join the 2 fossils to form one, from which it will come out one of 4 Generation Eight Fossil Pokémon. Unlike previous Pokémon titles, in fact, fossil Pokémon will consist of two parts of fossils, a head and a body, joined together.

Thanks to this, there are 4 fossil Pokémon, compared to 2 or 3 of the past generations.

Here are all the possible combinations:

Dracofossil + Ornitofossil = Dracozolt

Dracofossile + Ittiofossile = Dracovish

Plesiofossile + Ittiofossile = Arctovish

Plesiofossile + Ornitofossile = Arctozolt

All 4 of these Pokémon also feature a peculiar move: those generated with Ornithophossil will Beccoshock (Electro type), while those generated by Ichthyofossil they will have instead Branchiomorso (Water type).

Both of these moves are physical, have 85 of power, 100% accuracy and have the unique effect of double their power in case the Pokémon attacks before the target.

In order to obtain more fossils, you will have to rely on Spades Brothers in Shoulder, which you will find in the Wildland close to 'Pokémon Hostel.

Paying 500 watts to the brother who will give you prizes, you can also find, among the various rewards, one of the fossils that are more difficult to find in your version of the title. In Pokémon Shield, Ornithofossile and Plesiofossile will be more common, while in Pokémon Sword you will easily find Dracofossile and Ichthyofossile.

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