Pokémon Sword and Shield - Guide to Breeding and Eggs

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The Galar region of Pokémon Sword and Shield offers a new, improved and speeded up method to create teams with the Nature, Egg Moves, EVs and IVs that most appeal to the coach compared to the previous chapters of the series. Let's go and see everything in detail.

Let's move on to hunting our Pokémon for the fight, understanding how to find and calculate the IVs.

The Judge and IVs

After beating the game, it will be possible access the Judge in our PC Box to know the IVs of our Pokémon.

To unlock access to this feature, we will have to unlock the Poké Ball rank in the Battle Tower by beating Leon.

Selecting the Pokémon in the Box that we want to analyze, press the "+ " we will be able to read this value through judgments.

Here's what they mean:

  • Mediocre: 0 IV
  • Enough: da 1 a 10 IV
  • Normal: da 11 a 20 IV
  • remarkable: da 21 a 29 IV
  • Excellent: 30 IV
  • Stellar: 31 IV

If a cap is used on a certain statistic, the words "At the top".

Once we have our Pokémon with the stats that we will like the most, we can try to make a child of it with the Egg moves that we would like.

In order not to frustrate the research of IV there are some objects that, if equipped to parents, they can pass certain statistics to offspring. Here is a list:

  • Destincomune: this object is used to pass 5 IVs to the children instead of 3
  • Vigorcerchio: passes the IV of the Attack to his son
  • Vigorfascia: passes the IV of the Defense to his son
  • Vigorous: passes the IVs of the Special Attack to his son
  • Vigorbanda: passes the IVs of the Special Defense to his son
  • Vigorgliera: passes the IVs of Speed ​​to his son
  • Vigor weight: pass the IV of the Life Points to the child
  • Pietrastante: the same Nature passes to the child

Another good strategy for raising high Base Point offspring is to catch a Ditto with highs IV.

The Pokémon's Egg and Nature Moves

For the uninitiated, some Pokémon can inherit some moves from parents, even if their species would not naturally learn them by evolution.

For example, a Pichu can learn Thunder Punch if either parent knows the move.

One of the many new features introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield is the ability to pass the Egg Move to the child by pairing Pokémon of the same species, without having to mate different species several times to obtain the desired result.

Nature, on the other hand, is a passive variable that increases the value of one statistic at the expense of another.

Whereas in the past coaches had to hope they were lucky enough to have the right nature, now it will be possible to give the Pokémon a Nature Mint, which will allow you to change the nature of the monster.

Training a Pokémon with wild monsters using its Nature will increase its Base Points, making it even stronger.

By doing so, the trainer will be able to improve the Pokémon's stats without having to make excessive mating in the Inn.

Will it is only necessary to feed the Pokémon the right Mint to change nature and consequently to be able to train him as we see fit.

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