Pokémon Sword and Shield - How to catch Galar's Slowpoke

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Su Sword and Shield Pokémon the special Pokémon has just arrived Slowpoke in Galar, here is the guide to know where to find and capture it.

To the capture of Galar's Slowpoke

The new form of the 1st generation Pokémon, announced durante il Pokémon Direct held on January 9th, it was added to Pokémon Sword and Shield the same day via an update.

Lo Slowpoke it is different from its counterpart from Kanto and the other regions in that it has a muzzle and a tail of yellow color. Its two evolutions, Slowking and Slowbro, will also have the particularities of Galar, and it will be possible to evolve it with objects present in the two DLCs announced for Sword and Shield.

Specifically, using an item from the Lonely Isle of Armor, the Slowpoke will evolve into one Slowbro, while using one found in the Crown Snow Lands, it will become one Slowking of Galar.

Where is it?

As announced in yesterday's Direct, finding Galar's Slowpoke will be quite simple: to promote the two DLCs, in fact, Game Freak added in the latest update a particular event at Brassbury Station.

You will not need to have pre-ordered the DLCs, just be connected to download the latest update. If you decide to pre-order the Expansion Pass instead, you'll get one Pikachu uniform and an Eevee uniform.

Heading to the place, after downloading the January 9th update, you will meet the rival that you will find at Armor Island and Landa Corona. If you have Pokémon Sword, you will find it waiting for you Sophora, while if you have Pokémon Shield, you will find Savery.

At this point, a strange Slowpoke will appear - you can fight and capture it right away! Once captured, you can team it up and train it while waiting for the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

If you want, you can also use this Pokémon for combattere i Pokémon Gigamax: in fact, shortly after the end of Pokémon Direct, an event started in the title, which increases the likelihood of some Pokémon to appear as Gigamax.

If you have Pokémon Sword, the odds increase for Coalossal and Flapple, instead in Pokémon Sword they are Appletun and Lapras.

If you need help catching Gigamax Pokémon, we refer you to our guide on Dynamax and Gigamax raids, and also a all our other guides and our review of the title.

The spicy charm of Galarnoce

The Slowpoke of Galar used to eat the seeds of a particular plant that grew in their environment: their favorite food!

In fact, these seeds were none other than Galarnoce, still used today as an essential spice for cooking.

The Slowpokes of Galar have accumulated particles of this spice over many generations, thus assuming the appearance and behavior for which they are known today.

He always has an absent air

Galar's Slowpoke spends its days splashing around the seashore or rivers without thinking of anything in particular.

Sometimes a sharp look crosses his eyes, but his blank expression quickly reappears.

It is thought that this behavior is due to the stimuli transmitted to his brain by the Galarnoce particles accumulated by the Galar Slowpoke, which cause terrifying visions.

Fortunately, the Pokémon quickly forgets these bad thoughts.

This is how the Pokémon is described on the his page on the official Pokémon Sword and Shield site. We also refer you to general page on the Slowpoke event.

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