Prey Mooncrash – Review

It's been a year now since Arkane Studios released that masterpiece of his called Prey. The title at the time fully conquered us for its spatial poetics, a vision that the Arkane guys studied in detail, composing a product of superfine quality. Additional content dedicated to the game was as expected as never before, as the rumors these days had become quite insistent and all of us fans were there, waiting for a signal from the publisher. During this E3, surprisingly, Bethesda it comes up with the announcement and the immediate release of Prey: Mooncrash accompanied by a Digital Deluxe edition that includes the base game along with the expansion. From the premises the expectations were very high, precisely for this reason we re-slinged into the world that had accompanied us last year, in order to understand what it has in store for us.

The Moon that pushed me beyond my limits

We assume that Prey: Mooncrash it does not have an explicit narration, everything is narrated through the notes scattered around the game map, ai Transcribe and finally to books. Which makes the search and exploration more satisfying, because it pushes the player to search for clues to understand what is happening at that exact moment and why we find ourselves inside this alleged simulation. Although there is a narrative introduction that introduces us to our character, finding ourselves inside a room and managing to capture our role: that of being a very talented hacker.Our purpose will be to recover the precious data on behalf of a sort of association CRUSHING, but this information is found in the Pytheas moon base, owned by Transtar.

A dynamic structure

Advancing into the new areas will not be an easy task, also because we tell you very clearly, we will have to die many times to understand the structure in which we find ourselves. The traps are well positioned and it will not always be easy to go from area to area. We will learn the location of the enemies and how to avoid certain unpleasant situations, even if the game takes the liberty of inserting a small variation in some situations, thus breaking our predictability. The element that distinguishes every game experience are the characters, this is because each has unique skills and equipment, making each session dynamic and leading us to face unexpected situations. We want to point out that the characters will not be available from the beginning, we will only have one to start and this will allow us to meet certain requirements for unlocking the others. The upgrades that we will acquire in each section will allow us to enrich our skill tree, in order to improve our skills more and more for future expeditions. At the end of each mission we will have points available that we can spend to expand our equipment.

When death is not always bad

Death will gradually acquire a fundamental role within this additional content. Once we have unlocked other characters, whenever one of these dies it will be possible to send another one on an expedition, thus being part of the path paved by those who preceded him, making it "easier" to advance and escape from this Moon. . A lot of patience will be needed in order to reach the final goal, especially if you intend to make all five members flee, as it will be a very difficult if not almost impossible task. The maps are studied in a very meticulous way, the traps are always lurking together with our beloved typhons. Let's not exaggerate to say that it takes a lot of patience to bring Prey Mooncrash to its conclusion. An influencing element is time, since the longer we remain in session, the more our opponents will acquire greater strength, making our escape even more impossible. The typical feeling of this Additional Content is that of feeling hunted, because we will always have the breath on the neck from the enemies and if not from them, the traps will take their place.

Technically stellar

Despite everything, we have an excellent graphics sector, which we were able to enjoy on the base game of Prey. The beauty of Mooncrash is that it offers a design of its own, partly underlining what the main game has been able to give us, but on the other hand it manages to shine with its own light. Despite the pressure that will be felt during the course of our "survival" on the Moon, there will be an opportunity to admire what the developers of Arkane Studios wanted to convey to us on a stylistic level. Even those little clips of dubbing in Italian are excellent results, but we had no doubts about this, we had already seen the excellent work with the main story.

Final Comment

In conclusion, we can say with certainty that Prey Mooncrash is an additional content that is worth the selling price, it manages to give very satisfying hours of play for those who loved the title. The most interesting thing is to be able to face the session with different characters, thus creating varied situations by throwing that input of curiosity towards the player, thus avoiding frustration and monotony. If you loved Prey, well, this additional content is not to be missed.

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