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One of the things we drivers fear most is going down the road and being caught by a speed camera. Sometimes we unconsciously exceed the permitted speed, for example when the radar is on a downward slope, after a signal that reduces the maximum speed, at the entrance to a population, etc. We are not talking about driving recklessly at 160 km/h, we are talking about real situations that could lead to a fine if you do not have the help of apps such as Radar Nomad ipa, formerly known as Radar warning system.


Before we start talking about this application we must be clear that having a radar warning device like Radar Nomad ipa is totally legal. In fact, the DGT itself warns us through the signs or warnings on the light panels of the presence of the radar, and most GPS also include a radar detector. It is another thing to drive with an inhibitor, something that is totally prohibited; but this is not the case. Radar Nomad ipa simply warns you when you are approaching a radar so you can slow down and not get caught by the radar.



Radar Nomad is a very useful app, which will avoid many unpleasant surprises, although perhaps the first one you will take with you when you go to download it and discover that it is a paid application. It’s OK that its price is not excessive, but taking into account that it will save us the fines, but to download free apps like Radar Nomad the best thing you can do is download Gums Up, one of those applications that literally pay us to use them.


It does this in several ways, including free paid applications like Radar Nomad in the background. Gums Up is very easy to use, very intuitive. You can download it for free for Android and iOS, and when you have downloaded it you only have to complete the registration and go to “Win Gums”, the points that later we will redeem for prizes like the free Radar Nomad payment application. Winning Gums is as easy as choosing one of the actions proposed by Gums Up and fulfilling it: downloading and testing applications, participating in surveys, watching videos…

Even if you invite a friend and he wins 1500G, you get 200 Gums, which is not bad for Radar Nomad ipa!


With Gums Up you can get this fantastic application completely FREE for both iOS and Android. And with Gums Up you can get all the prizes you can imagine, whether they are paid apps, music, books, movies, and of course games. All completely GRA-TIS! Gamers can get all kinds of coins, gold and infinite resources for their favorite games through gift cards or PayPal money.


Once you have enough Gums, just go to the Gifts section and there you can choose Radar Nomad iOS Free. You’ll receive it right away, totally free, and you can start taking advantage of Radar Nomad iOS. Having a speed camera warning will prevent us from being fined for going faster than we should, since we will lift our foot from the accelerator; and you will not lose points on your license for running. It includes fixed, traffic and speed cameras, it avoids speed cameras in the opposite direction and for years it has been the most downloaded app in Spain.



How does Gums Up work?
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