Re: Turn - One Way Trip - Steam version review

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The arrival of a survival horror in a fascinating Pixel Art

Re: Turn - One Way Trip is a 2D side-scrolling survival horror in pixel art, published by Green Man Gaming Publishing and developed by Red Ego Games, coming October 14, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and pc.

The Red Ego Games are a small independent team of highly experienced and creative professionals who they believe that video game making is the perfect union of art and science.

After a lot of work they are finally ready to release the game, we at thanks to a code received in advance of the version Steam, we were able to try their new job. If you are curious to know what we think, then you just have to read our review.

Everyone on board

Re: Turn - One Way Trip tells the terrifying story of five college friends on a postgraduate vacation. This could be their last journey together, as each of them will make their own way to their future afterwards. Unfortunately for them, a very sinister force has found them and wants to take over their souls.

When Saki awakens in the middle of the night, she discovers that her friends have disappeared from the camp and soon finds herself in front of an abandoned train. It is still and silent, as if it were waiting for the last passenger. He is waiting for you!.

While Saki explores the train in search of her friends, the gap between past and present begins to dissolve. Saki is faced with otherworldly horrors as he begins to uncover the deadly secrets of the train. Re: Turn - One Way Trip is a story of unrequited love and unstoppable terror ...

Past and Present, but only one truth

The game features an intriguing story and lore that will catch you right away. We will investigate between present and past to understand what happened up that train and its passengers, as well as discover hidden sides of our friends that will make us think.

All while we escape from the horrors that lurk in the train and solve the various puzzles that the game will turn us against.

Finally, always with regard to the story, we are sorry only for the final part and the ending itself which seemed very hasty to us, as if the developers wanted to quickly close the story.

A note of merit goes instead to all the various characters we will meet, even if they are not protagonists we will not be able to remain indifferent towards them once they have told us their story and their problems, which we will try to solve in some way, even just to make him find peace ...

One way trip

Re: Turn - One Way Trip does not have complicated gameplay, indeed it is very simple, but in its simplicity it works very well. As mentioned above it's a side scrolling 2D survival horror, so we could only move left or right to explore.

Our Saki will always have her torch and her trusty diary with her, where she will write down everything she finds, including the clues needed to solve the various puzzles that will block our way.

In addition to being able to move and use the flashlight, we can check the inventory (in case you can use the collected objects) and interact with doors, people and objects.

As for the puzzles of the game we will start from very simple puzzles, up to more complex puzzles that have given us many problems and in some cases we were forced to backtrack to see if we had left any pieces. Overall the proposed puzzles were well done and satisfying.

The game has no real replay value, to be honest we would have liked it to have had several multiple endings with different unlock conditions, to make the adventure much longer and more fun to replay.

Horrors in Pixel Art

From the technical and visual side we have nothing to criticize as we liked the pixel art used a lot, combined with the audio sector in the game there is an excellent mix of anxiety and fear. The artistic side in this game is truly fascinating, we were very happy with it.

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