Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Review

Several years ago, the Italian gaming industry was rocked thanks to the creation of Remothered, a title that managed, in its small way, to make known what the real fear of the horror genre is, which had not been perceived for some time.

Horror video games prior to Remothered they were often quite similar, if not nearly identical. Games that were supposed to have horror settings but ultimately failed to create the right atmosphere for the genre.

La Stormind Games with Remothered Tormented Fathers, he succeeded in 2018 to bring a title back into the spotlight horror based more on atmosphere rather than action phases or the usual jump scare, reviving a genre that had long since stagnated. In 2019 la Stormind Games announced the realization of his entourage ie Remothered Broken Porcelain.

The title is finally out and thanks to the copy sent to us by Modus Games the time has come to review it and decide if its sequel is equal to or greater than the first chapter. So sit back and find out, via our review, if its sequel is even better than the previous title.

The sad life of an orphan

The plot of Remothered: Broken Porcelain, begins by summarizing the events narrated in the previous chapter which we will not talk about in this review, so as not to spoil it in case you want to play it.

Once the summary is concluded you will find yourself once again in front of the elderly lady who will be ready to tell, to the journalist who is interviewing her, the darkest and most horrendous events that happened in his past.

In this new chapter of history you will find yourself living the events of Jennifer, a young orphan who lives inside the hotel in Ashmann and who gets by working as a waitress in the hotel. However, he doesn't like that place at all and so he tries to escape together with Linn, her peer with whom she has a strong bond.

Unfortunately, the attempt fails and Jennifer finds herself having to serve a punishment. Back in the room she quarrels with Linn and after having thrown her badly, she decides to go to sleep, however she will be awakened by a strange ticking.

After following the mansion's older maid, he notices that she is behaving strangely and finds out the existence of a person who lives inside the walls. Jennifer from then on will find herself having to discover the darkest and sickest secrets of the Ashmann Inn and his roommates.

A hotel full of mysteries and dangers

Remothered: Broken Porcelain, presents a gameplay that focuses neither on action nor on jump scare, but rather focuses on an atmosphere much closer to a hard and pure survival horror. The players, in order to help Jennifer escape from the hotel, will have to try to use the darkness and hiding places to their advantage in order to avoid, or in some cases defeat, the entities that will chase you.

The battles against the bosses are mainly based on being able to hit them from behind through the use of various tools that will allow you to distract them, or you can defeat them by exploiting the environmental elements in your favor.

Programmers have made the exploratory phases more interesting so that players do not have dead moments or situations in which they believe they are in a position of "salvation", making the progress of the levels interesting through puzzles to be solved and the search for the butterfly keys. The keys will allow you, through the use of the music boxes, to enhance Jennifer's various passive abilities such as: making less noise, increasing her special ability etc ...

Jennifer's special ability will be very useful for you spot enemies and solve puzzles, unfortunately when you use it your character will remain stationary in one point and you will not be able to move it until you run out of the ability's cooldown or decide to manually deactivate it.

Consequently, the players before activating it will have to find a safe place to where in order not to be discovered by the enemy. To help themselves they will be able to make use of various tools available in the various locations and that thanks to the crafting system available through the inventory, they will be able to modify them in order to obtain always different effects.

Technical department

One of the strengths of the technical sector of Remothered: Broken porcelain is the graphic sector, with characters and environments with attention to detail, even by setting the graphics to medium we will not lose much quality.
Note of honor to the environments that will be able to generate a continuous sense of anxiety, thanks to the right use of lighting and desolate spaces during exploration.

Compared to its predecessor, the movement system and puzzle solving have been significantly improved making the overall gameplay more “fluid”.
The music, even if used infrequently, will come "to life" in the most opportune moments eg: in the interlude scenes or when we will be chased.
Overall they will all be very enjoyable and will be able to maintain the atmosphere of fear.

But not all that glitters is gold, as Remothered currently suffers from an interpenetration bug that will force you to restart the game.


It is a product of excellent quality, which offers those old-fashioned Horror settings that the gaming world has long lacked. If you are a lover of the genre, we can only advise you to purchase Remothered: Broken Porcelain.

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