RIDE 3 – Review

The very Italian development studio Milestone has always been specialized in creating motor-themed video games and now they are back with Ride 3, the third incarnation of the brand dedicated to two wheels.

The Milestone guys are the first to be passionate about engines, as well as video games, and in fact this title seems to have been conceived with the desire to create a game capable of satisfying the needs of fans in all respects. That you like them street bike, the biker or race bike, Ride 3 will give you bread for your teeth, offering variety and the ability to entertain different types of users.

Everyone on the track!

Milestone's goal from the very beginning has been to make Ride 3 the most complete and content-rich title of the studio, offering a huge fleet of vehicles (there are more than 200 motorcycles) and a large number of tracks and circuits. In fact, the game is full of content and activities to play, but let's go in order and start analyzing everything it has to offer.

Among the game modes present, the main one is certainly the mode "Career", that will allow us to start a real adventure in the world of two wheels. The strong point of this mode is certainly the great variety of situations that is proposed to the player, thus avoiding monotony and repetitiveness. We will in fact have available dozens and dozens of different events to participate in, of increasing difficulty, which will allow us to get on the saddle of sport bikes, maxi enduro, motard, naked and race bikes.

The different types of bikes make the gameplay vario, given that each vehicle has its own specific characteristics and our driving style will inevitably have to adapt to it. There are also special events dedicated to specific manufacturers that will allow us to relive the history of some models. An example is the event dedicated to the history of the Kawasaki Ninja: each race of the latter will be dedicated to a version of the bike, starting from the first model and going through its entire evolution in chronological order.

By completing the events of the Career we will be rewarded with particular models of motorcycles or with the virtual currency which will allow us to buy other racing cars and expand our collection. The large amount of races available in this mode it certainly also helps to increase the longevity of the title, making Ride 3 a game capable of entertaining for tens of hours.

Then we find the "Fast Modes" which are nothing more than races in which we can select the bike, track and type of race at will, to play without any particular pressure. Finally we find the multiplayer and the "Challenges of the Week" mode.

The multiplayer allows us to dive into competitions with up to 12 players and fortunately servers appear to be stable, since we have not encountered any disconnections and / or problems of this type. The main problem of playing with real players is that often opponents tend to hit our bike to make us fall. Unfortunately this type of attitude in competitions is not discouraged in any way, since there are no punishments and bans for those who behave incorrectly.

The last game mode proposed by Milestone is the already anticipated "Challenges of the week" in which they are proposed on a weekly basis always new and different challenges to grapple with.

Gameplay and customization

Ride 3 offers a guide from arcade flavor but which also knows how to amaze, making the challenge bewitching even for the most experienced. Whether you are riding a Kawasaki, a KTM or a Ducati you will surely have fun thanks to the possibility of to deeply customize the driving difficulty. In fact, a further strength of Ride is precisely the ability to adapt to any type of user, starting from the absolute neophyte to get to the driving game enthusiast.

In fact, among the difficulty customization options we find the possibility to set the auto brake, the anti-wheelie, the visual aid on the track, the manual or automatic gearbox and more. Thanks to all these options it will be really easy to adapt the complexity of managing the bike according to the type of user.

But that's not all, because installing the necessary modifications on our racing cars is also possible modify the set-up of the bike. Changing the latter implies being able to customize the sensitivity of the steering, the brake power, the suspension and the gear ratio. The custom trim profiles can then be saved and applied to our two wheels at any time.

Among the various changes that can be carried out on motorcycles are also present aesthetic. With the virtual currency earned from the races it is in fact possible to buy and install mirrors, mufflers, steering wheels, etc.

Also there is a editor for the livery large and interesting, which will surely be appreciated by users with a great imagination. The liveries created by the players can then be shared with the community, voted and downloaded to be able to install them on their motorcycles.

Finally we find a editor also for the pilot: you can buy racing suits, helmets, masks, gloves, boots and more to customize your character. All the accessories offered in the game ((both those for the rider and those for the motorcycles) are articles of real brands specially recreated in-game.

Technical aspects and details

From a technical point of view Ride 3 turns out to be a contradiction from several points of view. As for the motorcycle models, not only are they made faithfully and with masterful care, but also from the graphic point of view they have nothing to envy compared to other titles. On the other hand, the rest of the game turns out to be limited and graphically dated.

The general glance during the races is certainly not very positive, also because the difference between the great care of the motorcycle models and the bad one of the rest of the scenario creates a contrast effect not at all pleasant. Many textures appear to be of low quality and in general it is not possible to appreciate what the circuits proposed in the game deserve.

Also the light and shadow management is out of step with the rest of the market, resulting dull and careless. However, problems of this type are fortunately secondary to the gameplay in a title based on the guide, therefore it is possible to easily enjoy the many qualities of the game if you can be tolerant towards this aspect.

Another positive note is to be reported in the title sound effects: credible and realistic. Many motorbike engine sounds are in fact extremely similar to their real counterpart.


Ride 3 is a game capable of satisfying both newcomers to the genre and the most passionate and experienced players from the point of view of content and gameplay. Milestone has created a package that includes hundreds of motorcycles and dozens of circuits on which to race, surrounded by the many customization possibilities. The only problems that can be found are certainly the dated graphics sector, which does not do justice to the environments, and a little "smart" AI that will often hinder us in our races, risking to make us fall.

In any case, it is confirmed to be certainly the most complete game of the Italian development studio, which is confirmed to be a world reference point for motor-themed titles. Recommended for anyone who wants to get on their favorite virtual bike and run at full throttle, tolerating some technical shortcomings.

RIDE 3 is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One e PC.

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