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You’re probably familiar with one of the most famous and important games of these times, League of Legends. We are talking about a video game with very simple mechanical but at the same time it can be complicated until the point of being able to trace your own strategy. A strategy that can be marked depending on the champion you choose, a character that can range from a fearsome creature to epic knights. Once you have your champions, keep in mind that there are three paths that connect your nexus (in the case of the most famous field of justice), which would be your base, to the nexus of the enemy.


In League of Legends you have to take into account also the minions, some characters controlled by the artificial intelligence and that will attack the minions of other enemy. In total there are two teams and within these two teams there are 5 players with different heroes and their particular minions. In League of Legends you can get gold when you defeat certain enemies, from neutrals to minions and champions of the other team as well as through items you get in the field. A gold that is only usefull while you are in the game to buy items and equipment but once you go out is of no use to you.


One of the most important themes in League of Legends is to be able to buy different skins, improvements and even different champions in this video game. This can be done through Riot Points , some very complicated points that will only get for free the time you create a character. They can also be obtained by inviting friends and participating in the community of League of Legends.

League of Legends is a video game that would be in the limbo of MOBAS ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). There are the E-sports, competitions of very high level where only the best play and believe me, if you want to be the best you need Riot points . Some free rp that you can get with Gums Up. All are advantages, you have absolutely nothing to lose thanks to this app that serves as lol hack.


Let’s be honest, there are many pages that promise to generate Riot Points in a  free way for League of Legends. You search for networks rp free, rp generator or hack lol and you will find many pages but they are a fraud, there have already been many cases of theft of accounts for example and keep in mind that if you want something reliable, an app that does not defraud and with which you can get lol rp for free in a completely legal way without any doubt is Gums Up.

Hack lol

Gums Up is an application with which you can get free money in PayPal and you can exchange that money for Riot points League of Legends in the store itself of Riot Games, you do not have to depend on another page and get into hacks that are far from security. Do you want something secure, free and easy ?

No doubt you can get free rp thanks to Gums Up. The method of doing it is very easy through this lol hack. All you have to do is to download the app and start earning gums by taking very simple surveys, testing apps and being active in the community . With these three simple steps you will soon have the codes lol necessary to have lol rp.


Do you want to get lol rp for free? Without any doubt this is the app you are looking for, a safe app and with which you will have at your disposal a customer service that will solve you as much doubts as any other problem that may arise. Enter Gums Up and start participating in the different ways to win gums! There is no better hack lol rp than this. What are you waiting for? It’s free, easy and most important… It works!


Another way to get rp for free without using a hack for league of legends, is to use a scripts of league of legends, although the most recommended way to avoid bans to your LoL account would be to buy cheap Riot points, since this way you get Riot points in the legal way and as Riot likes.

So the alternative to a hack lol rp to get Riot points for free , a script would be a set of actions that develop simultaneously with the open game, this way you can win games without having to be playing, it would be a BOT, but with more options to configure, like “Autododge”, “Autoskillshots”, etc.

In this way you can win normal games and rankeds without having to be aware of the game, and by being able to configure so many actions, can go unnoticed by other players. Another way to get Riot points for free legally , is the option to get codes lol free , which simply requires doing an Internet search of codes rp to change them later.

In addition to Free Rp for League of Legends you can also get gems, paypal money, prepaid cards and many more prizes that you can enjoy with your friends!

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