Saints Row The Third Remastered – Review

The Saint Row saga developed by Volition returns with the third chapter in a remastered version, among the new improvements the one that is more tempting is the new graphic design that manages to modernize the game, bringing it to the levels of the most recent ones

All as always accompanied by the irony and lightheartedness typical of the saga that everyone knows by now and even if with a couple of years on their shoulders, the game is not affected, managing to snatch a couple of laughs from the player on some occasions.

But will they be able to recreate a noteworthy remastered? Find out with us in this review.

The irony of the Saints

I Saints have now made history, thanks to the conquest of the crime scene of Stillwater. THE Third Street Saints they are now an international symbol.

The start of the game launches us in the middle of a majestic and spectacular mega-robbery, where we will attack the largest bank in the entire city. During the heist, things won't go well for our unlikely heroes. We will be thrown in jail along with Shaudi e Johnny Gat.

Shortly after we will be released under bail, paid by a mysterious benefactor, as well Philippe Loren, the head of a large criminal organization known all over the world: Syndicate.

Given the absurd offer that is made by the criminal leader, our Saints will overturn the situation by creating a great firefight, trying to rebel against the latter. Our goal, once free, will be to take down the tyrant of Syndicate from Steelport.

Needless to say, the story takes on a series of hilarious situations, which wink at American productions also known as "b-movies".

The narrative quality is higher than in previous chapters, but above all it is the last Saints Row that boasts a quality story. Unfortunately the four has lost the magnificence it had achieved with The Third.

It took us fifteen hours to reach the finale of Saints Row: The Third. Furthermore, narratively it is much more expanded, since in this edition there are also the additional contents released for a fee on the consoles of the last generation.

The narrative offer is a concentrate of fun, especially if played in the company of a friend in the cooperative mode, where it manages to bring out all its latent potential.

Gameplay in modern times

Saints Row 3 despite its flaws, it will always manage to prove itself funny and particular even outside the missions of the main story.

In fact, if we wanted to take a little break from the main trend, we will have many secondary missions ready to welcome us with the style that characterizes each chapter of the saga.

Any mission accomplished that is main o Secondary, he will be able to increase the level of respect of his character or he will give us some money as compensation.

Respect will be our "currency" to use to enhance our character's abilities, which can range from a simple increase in life points, to a faster run or other.

La currency, it can also be collected simply by playing, such as reckless driving or taking high speed.

All this will also be accompanied by a simple and intuitive management of the menus, which leave no room for general confusion.

With the monete collected instead we will have the opportunity to buy territories / shops, weapons, upgrades, clothes and aesthetic accessories.

Obviously the chapter returns with the same defects as the original, starting from a very bare open world with empty streets and fake traffic, failing to completely immerse the player in the game world due to the "fake" present life.

The reinvigoration of the Remastered

The title despite the various years, manages to receive improvements in the technical sector, starting with one guide more stable or one shooting cleaner, which makes the
Obviously it fails to reach the graphics standards of the most recent triple A, but despite everything Saints Row 3 will be visually pleasing with all the graphic improvements made.

Final Comment

Saint Row The third remastered, con la sua remastered succeeds to bring an adventure full of humor to be played both in co-op with a friend and individually. Managing to guarantee, despite the years on his shoulders, many hours of pure fun.

With a gameplay that, even if old-fashioned, has managed to keep pace with the times, the small improvements made can give meaning to this title remastering project.
Thus winning our approval.

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