A new craftsman has arrived in the city to help the heroes overcome epic battles against the fearsome monsters that lurk in the dungeons. Shop Titans is a game developed and distributed by Kabam that is now available on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.

Available: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS
Gender: Strategy
Players: One player
Launch date: 4 March 2019



Trailer of Shop Titans + Images of the game

Embark on an adventure in a dark land. Customize your tent, build epic armor and swords for the heroes and champions, and defend the town. Team up with blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters and herbalists to make your business thrive. Sell your products to warriors and other citizens. Here is the official trailer for the game so you can start to understand how it works.

Customize your avatar like in medieval times. Choose from different types of clothes, hairstyles, eye colour and more to make your avatar unique. Here are some images from the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get Gems in Shop Titans

As with most mobile games, you will need a resource to help you move forward and improve. In this game the main resource used is the gems, they can be used for multiple functions such as improving weapons, building buildings, etc.

Here we show you a series of buildings of how to get gems for free for this game:

  • Check the pending tasks, and if you have any, complete them
  • Send your team on out-of-town missions
  • Play daily and watch ads
  • With the GumsUp platform you can get free gems for Shop Titans

Free resource generator for Shop Titans

On the Internet you will find many websites specialized to generate free resources for many games including Shop Titans, we personally recommend one that has been very useful that is with which you can get Gems in a very easy and fast way without any cost.

What are the Gems in Shop Titans for?

As we have mentioned before, the gems are the most important resource for this game, as they will allow you to get all the necessary equipment to advance.  Below we show you the main utilities of the gems for this game:

  • To go up a level
  • You can use them in events
  • You can improve your avatar
  • Having gems will give you a great advantage in the game and a lot of freedom

Basic guide to play Shop Titans

Although this game has a very intuitive gameplay similar to many other games, it is important to know some important details of the game before starting it. That’s why we provide you with a basic introductory guide below to see how to start playing Shop Titans: Design & Trade and make it much easier for you:

Analysis of Shop Titans

Shop Titans is a really entertaining and addictive game that has been liked by people all over the world. Its gameplay and graphics are wonderful. However, there are a number of negative points that we must also take into account. Below, and now that you understand the game better, we provide you with an analysis of it:


  • Very well elaborated graphics
  • Simple but entertaining gameplay
  • Adapted to all types of publics


  • The last update has been quite disappointing
  • You need a lot of gems to speed up processes

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