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Nowadays it is fashionable to look good, have health, train and eat healthy; this is why it is very popular to use Apps to lose weight that really become your personal trainer.

It is no secret that technology helps us improve many things in everyday life, but we must always find the best to avoid unnecessary activities. We have selected the best Apps to lose weight that are sure to help you look like never before.


This App is available for both iOS and Android. MyFitnessPall is a free weight loss application, it has one of the largest food databases to get you in shape the way you should be. Apart allows:

  • counting calories
  • Scan food bar codes for calories,
  • sync with your PC, smartphones and others
  • add food from time to time,
  • create custom exercises,
  • report on improvements,


The advantage of this incredible App called Red Apple is the customization of the diet you want to follow, for the fact that this application has been designed and developed with the support of professional nutritionists who have structured paths that help you lose weight.

With this App you can:

  • Discover the BMI and the real daily calorie needs you need,
  • Always have your shopping list handy,
  • Follow a Mediterranean diet with variations in recipes.
  • change your daily intake.
  • Have alternative foods when you are away from home.

In short, Red Apple presents itself as a varied food guide that teaches you how to lose weight by eating.


The combination of diet and exercise is the formula of quality to find the best results, what you want can be shown faster than you think.

This App allows you:

  • create a profile with your updated health status.
  • Check your food with the barcode scanner for the calories you consume.
  • monitor and manage physical activity in a practical way.
  • set a goal and make predictions about achievement.
  • Use the Life Circle that monitors active results.

Exercise to lose weight quickly? We are talking about the application Fitness Challenge 30 days

With the application of weight loss of 30 days can be made a plan dedicated entirely to physical exercise. The advantage of this application, designed by sports professionals, is that it is aimed at all those who do not like to go to the gym but prefer to train at home.

With Fitness Challenge you can:

  • Create a programme of physical activity for 30 days,
  • Select the part of the body to train.
  • Progressively increase the intensity of the exercises.
  • Divide the activities into 3 levels, from beginner to professional.
  • Share the results with friends at Social.

Let the 30-day Fitness Challenge begin!

Lose weight in 30 days, The promise to make the weight lose quickly and in a healthy way is accompanied by a methodical training plan related to various diet programs .

The instructions are simple and always usable through animations and videos, to be sure to perform the exercise correctly; the trend is designed for a gradual intensification of the difficulty of training, so the application also tells you when and how to take a break to allow the body to stabilize, usually every three days.

In addition, exercise data and heat consumption can be synchronized in Google Fit.


This App is capable of turning an Android smartphone into a personal trainer that controls walks, walks and bicycle rides while Strava is the tool used by millions of runners, cyclists and athletes in general with whom to record activities, compare performances on it over time, connecting with the community of reference, sharing photos, stories and special moments in a kind of travel blog that refused to adapt to the adventure on the road.

Strava is able to monitor the athletic activity of runners and cyclists in such a detailed and precise way as to have unknowingly made military posts and secret areas that should remain unexplored.

These Apps are the best options to feel great and better physical health, always remember that improving your condition will be the best option you can take and the best long-term investment. Nothing beats being rich in health and well-being first and foremost.

Sure will increase your performance and mental health by training and being on a diet, try it and you will not regret it with the best App to lose weight.


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