Snake Pass – Review

Sumo Digital, the team that participated in the development of Little Big Planet 3, once again churns out a brand new platformer: Snake Pass. Has the title convinced us? Find out in our review!

  • TITLE: Snake Pass
  • GENERAL: Platform
  • PLATFORM: Xbox One (tested version), PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch
  • RELEASE DATE: March 28, 2017
  • DEVELOPER: Sumo Digital
  • DISTRIBUTOR: Sumo Digital

On a day like any other, the two protagonists Noodle (a snake) and Doodle (a hummingbird) wake up and realize that the world they live in has been turned upside down.The only way to restore the general order of things is to restore portals, which allow travel from one place to another. In short, it is a very simple and elementary plot, but which however also offers some small dialogue between the beginning and the end of each level.

The strong point of the title is precisely the gameplay: Snake Pass is a very particular platformer, since it will put us in the shoes of a snake and we will also have to get used to the various commands for managing it. The left analog stick will be used to direct the snake's gear, the right trigger if pressed will allow us to crawl forward, then there will be a button to slightly raise the Noodle's head; the left trigger to tighten our coils and create a greater grip. Finally, a second button to ask Doodle, the snake-friendly bird, to lift the reptile's tail and possibly help him in balancing the weight. Believe me, you will need to get a little familiar with the controls, but the developers still managed to balance the difficulty well in the various levels, so you will learn everything as you progress in the game.

Our goal in the various levels will be to recover mainly 3 gems scattered around the map, but there will also be collectibles: 20 drops of water and 5 gold coins in each level. In the first levels it will be quite easy to recover everything, but as the game progresses the developers have certainly enjoyed placing both the drops of water and the coins in the most absurd places. Especially the latter, sometimes they will be clearly visible, but reaching them will not be easy, while sometimes they will be much more hidden in the map. In short, taking all the coins and the various drops of water will be anything but simple.

Graphically the title is pretty good, as on all platforms the game engine does a good job (Unreal Engine 4) with pretty good light effects and a few smears on the various textures. The tested version is the Xbox One version (same for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC) and no frame-rate drops were found, even if the title is locked at 30 fps. Furthermore, it should be noted that Snake Pass on PS4 Pro runs at 60 fps.

Like any videogame work, Snake Pass is not free from defects. The title of Sumo Digital certainly offers something original, but certainly we would have also wanted something more beyond the classic levels (some even quite similar), perhaps an additional mode or other. Unfortunately the title runs out in a handful of hours and the only reason to replay it is to take all the missing collectibles.

In conclusion, I believe that Snake Pass is, after all, a more than decent game. Sumo Digital did a good job, but some more content would have been more than appreciated. Highly recommended for fans of the genre who will find bread for their teeth, also because on all platforms Snake Pass is sold at a very affordable launch price.

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