Songbird Symphony – Review

Songbird Syphony, created by the indie studio of Singapore Joysteak Studios, offers us an adventure different from the usual, which merges platform e music game in a single game to create an interactive musical that will warm our hearts.

In search of themselves

Songbird Syphony harks back to the history of ugly duckling. The main character is BIRB, a small bird who lives with his uncle and the other forest peacocks.

Life for him is not at all simple as he comes targeted by the other inhabitants, as adopted from his uncle despite not being a peacock.

Growing up, little Birb decides to set out to discover hers true origins, going to ask for help at Owl often talked about his uncle, considered the most bird wise man of the forest.

And so it was that Birb is sent on an adventure to learn the various symphonies of the others tribe of birds which, according to the owl, will allow him to discover its true origins.

To the sound of rhythm

The game looks like a classic indie platformer, where the music plays from supporting column to the narration. The dialogues are presented at rhythm of music and are followed by a text in karaoke style, which will act as the glue between the narration and the rhythm game gameplay.

The whole thing is based on repeating one sequence of commands on screen, as accurately as possible. Each "fight" is structured in different way, with various stages of rhythm that vary and increase in difficulty, so as not to bore the player with the usual scheme.

As we move forward, the pace challenges we face will be more complicated and complex as they add up more notes to sing, complicating the pattern.

The bar of the difficulty will slowly go up to drag the player into increasingly complex rhythm challenges, but there is no need to fear since the developers have not included a real game over, thus giving us the ability to continue in the game while not getting a high score.

The guys of the JoySteak Studios team thus leave the possibility for anyone to enjoy their title, regardless of skill level.

A classic platformer

During our adventure we will find ourselves in front of various environmental puzzles that will be solved in order to continue on our path.

We will not find ourselves enemies to face, in fact, not even in this section of the game there is the possibility of running into a game over.

The various environmental puzzles that we will find ourselves facing they won't vary much, since it will always be about activating switches, moving objects to create platforms or collecting fundamental objects in order to continue.

We will almost always be rewarded with musical notes that we will have to collect in the various areas to advance in history.

Summing up

The product created by Joysteak Studios is a pleasant indiedespite his short term which is around 3-5 hours. Everything is accompanied by a colonna sonora who knows how to capture the player while searching for Birb's origins, resulting overall a pleasant rhythm game and for nothing frustrating because ofabsence of game over.

All this is accompanied by a soundtrack that will remain impressed throughout the duration of the game. Unfortunately, however, it lacks longevity, as it will be enough to complete it 3 to 5 hours of gameplay. I definitely point against it together with the repetitiveness of environmental puzzles.

But we can find positive absence from the game over, which makes this adventure playable by any age group.

Songbird Symphony is available in multiple languages, but one is still missing today transposition into Italian. This does not affect its enjoyment, as the game will be fully enjoyable thanks to its simplicity of the dialogues in English and the easy to understand commands of the gameplay.

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