Tap Fish – AbyssRium is a game that helps to relax the nerves. Level up your stone, create your own fish and build your own aquarium! A beautiful ocean is waiting for you to explore. The game was distributed by FLERO Games and is available for Android and iOS.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Indie
Players: One player


TapTap Fish Trailer + Game Images

Level up the stone with touches. Build a barrier reef to double the vitality. Use the vitality to create your fish. In this wonderful game you can create corals and fish with a simple touch and see them in 3D. Here is the official trailer for the game so you can start to understand the gameplay and the storyline better.

The song of the whales and the sound of falling water drops will guide you through a beautiful musical world. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

TapTap Fish tips and tricks

Tap Tap Fish is a very simple game that doesn’t get complicated at all. Its mechanics doesn’t vary, so you just have to get the hang of the game and go ahead with it and take it easy, because you have to keep in mind that it’s a game to relax. That’s why we have decided to explain some tricks to you so that you know how to handle the game and be able to play it more easily:

  • Secret Fish: Take pictures of the fish and share them to get all those secret fish. For example, the blue clown fish will get you if you take a picture of a clown fish three times. If you take a picture of a spike five times you will be rewarded with the secret clown fish Tang.
  • All you have to get: if you save the image of Corallite or Dolphin solitaire 3 times then you will unlock the Dolphin Commerson. The damsel variation, called Damsel Cross, you will get if you take a picture of a damsel three times. To get the french angel variation you have to save the angel image 3 times. If you enter the game 14 days in a row you will get a Giant Isopod.
  • How to get the Humpback Whale: You have a 10% chance of getting with a whale shark if you start the application after not playing for 2 hours. If you take a picture of a visitor you have a 10% chance every half hour to get the Striped Marlin. If you use the skill eat 50 times you will get Nautilu and if you touch the sunfish vitality 100 times you will get the legendary sunfish. The Thousand Year Old Whale is obtained by having 114 fishes unlocked in the aquarium.

Free resource generator for TapTap Fish

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Basic guide to start playing TapTap Fish

The Tap Tap Fish game is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences that will help you relax. The game tells you what to do from the start, so there’s not much to lose. One of the goals is to get as many fish as possible. Here is a video of how to do it, so it’s easier to get started.

TapTap Fish Analysis

The Tap Tap Fish game is a very intuitive game that has adapted very well to all kinds of audiences. It is entertaining and addictive and its playability is very simple. Also the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that should also be taken into account. Here is an analysis of this


  • Good graphics
  • Well worked musical band

vEntertaining and simple


  • Problems with the latest updates
  • Very simple, sometimes boring

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