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In Temtem there are 12 types of natures linked to the various monsters and many of these are totally new in a Pokéclone title.

We at Binfogamer.com have therefore decided to seize the ball by describing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of Temtem. During your Archipelago adventure you may come across predominant types, which is why it is best to go well prepared!

This knowledge will surely come in handy when you start the game and have the your starter! We remember that the Technique, that is the moves, can be of only one type.

Advantages and disadvantages of the various types of Temtem

Together with the table below, you will find the detailed description of the various types of Have got has got:

  • Crystal: Super effective against Electric e Mental, not very effective against Fire e Earth. Resistant to Electric, Mental and Toxic it is weak to type Temtems Fire, Earth and techniques Melee.
  • Digital: Super effective against Mental, Digital e Melee, resistant to Toxic is weak against Water, Electric and Digital.
  • Earth: Super effective against Fire, Electric e Crystal, ineffective against Water, Nature e wind. Resistente a Fire, Electric, Crystal e Toxic is weak against Water, Nature, Wind and Melee.
  • Electric: Super effective against Water, Mental, wind e Digital, ineffective against Nature, Electric, Earth e Crystal Resistant against Electric and Wind is weak against Earth and Crystal.
  • Fire: Super effective against Nature e Crystal, ineffective against Fire, Water e Earth. Resistant against Fire, Nature and Crystal is weak against Water and Earth.
  • Mental: Super effective against Neutral e Melee, ineffective against Crystal. Resistant against Neutral and Melee is weak against Electric, Digital and Crystal.
  • Melee: Super effective against Earth e Crystal, ineffective against Mental e Melee. Resistant against Melee is weak against Mental and Digital.
  • Nature: Super effective against Water ed Earth, ineffective against Fire, Nature e Toxic. Resistant against Water, Nature, Electric and Earth is weak against Fire and Toxic.
  • Toxic: Super effective against Water e Nature, ineffective against Earth, Digital, Crystal e Toxic. Resistant against Water, Nature and Toxic is weak against wind.
  • Toilet: Super effective against Fire, Earth e Digital, ineffective against Water, Nature e Toxic. Resistant against Fire, Water and Earth is weak against Nature, Electric e Toxic.
  • wind: Super effective against Toxic, ineffective against Electric e Wind. Resistant against Earth and Wind is weak against Electric.

Some curiosities about the types

We conclude this guide by talking about some additional details that might interest you. Among the 12 types there is none that has no weaknesses, just as there are no combinations of types that will guarantee you total coverage from other types.

Neutral, Wind, and Toxic are the only types to have a single weakness. Also, just like in Pokémon, weaknesses can accumulate in Temtems that have two types.

For example, attacking a Temtem with a Technique that is super effective on both types will inflict 4 times the base damage (4x).

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