The Behemoth will arrive in Monster Hunter World tomorrow with a new update

As announced during this year's E3, the Behemoth su Monster Hunter World, thanks to the collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV.

The Behemoth on Monster Hunter World will have an exclusive gameplay mechanic

Tomorrow the update for Monster Hunter World will be released, bringing it to version 5.00 on Playstation 4 and on Xbox One.

The protagonist of this update is the Behemoth, historical monster of the Final Fantasy saga. It will first appear in Monster Hunter thanks to a collaboration with MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The latter title will receive an appearance of the Rathalos in exchange.

In addition to a new equipment set for its hunter and stake, and in the presence of the Cactuar in the game maps, this creature brings to the table a new game mechanic.

Unlike the other monsters in the series, who randomly choose which hunter to attack in online battles, the Behemoth will have an aggro mechanic similar to that found in classic MMOs, in which a player must draw the monster's attention to himself by attacking it on the head.

However, it does not end there. Between August 24 and September 6 there will be a special event mission against the Extreme Behemoth, an even more powerful and ferocious version of the monster.

Defeating him will reward players with a new cosmetic set and a new title for their hunter tile.

New threats from arch-tempered elder dragons

First introduced with the third free update, arch-tempered monsters are an even more powerful version of tempered monsters. Hunting them allows you to create the unique y armor set.

After the Kirin and Vaal Hazak, it will be the turn of the Teostra, available from 10 to 23 August. In September, however, the Kushala Daora arcitemprato.

Obviously this update brings with it not only news, but also numerous fixes to various elements of the game.

A number of errors that prevented or changed the execution of some weapon attacks, as well as the correct functioning of certain items, will be fixed. Additionally, some weapons will receive a slight change to their stats.

You can find here the complete list changes made to the game.

Finally, a problem encountered during the summer sunset festival. During the event some players found themselves unable to receive good summer sunset and summer fireworks after obtaining the Warrior of the Light Item Pack via the Daily Login Bonus.

To apologize to such users, Capcom has decided to redistribute via this update, August 2-17.

Monster Hunter World is already available for Playstation 4 e Xbox One, while the PC version was announced for August 9th. It was also announced a new bundle of the game with Playstation 4.

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