The best games presented in the E3-2016

Just a week after the celebration of the past E3 2016, an event expected by many people, especially if we take into account that the E3 2015 awoke much expectation, I will talk about some of the great titles that presented in each of the conferences. For many players, we are one of the best E3, especially if we take into consideration the participation of both Microsoft and Sony, both showing games non-stop for his lectures, a furious pace and that no doubt has pleased most what they wanted to see were games and new ip's.

Electronic Arts and action

By order of conferences, we will discuss first Electronic Arts, whose game that caught the attention of many gamers was Battlefield 1, a bet this different time, returning to the first world war and a technical section which is really incredible. Could see both cinematic as game in game and without place to doubt them guys of says have bet strong by this title, both by them graphics, by all them elements that saw in display as also by the number of players online (64) and because also almost all was destructible. Also can be said that this facelift comes from pearls to the return to the first world war due to the exploitation of games that are set in the second world war. Fits highlight also the second part of Titanfall, that offers finally a mode single player for them players that also want to take is a respite in the mode competitive and also is showed a trailer of Mass Efect: Andromeda, a game expected by many but that by misfortune still not is showed gameplay.

Bethesda and the expansions

The next Conference was of Bethesda, where without a doubt the highlight presented him with Dishonored 2, a video game developed by Arkane Studios and that seem to offer more of the same but expanded, a history of action-adventure where coexist technology and supernatural forces. On the other hand also is presented expansions both for Doom as to Fallout 4 two of them large pillars of the company, a remaster of Skyrim where is improve above all fluids and textures and especially the return of Quake, although now only apparently in a mode competitive, called Quake: Championship. Finally also fits comment that is presented a reimagination of the universe Prey, of hands of Arkane Studios, whose game not will have nothing to see with its predecessor.

Microsoft and its new consoles

In terms of the Microsoft Conference highlight mostly shown in the new hardware, which in this case presented two new consoles. A version slim of the xbox one called Xbox one S, very nice indeed, and the famous project "Scorpio" of which is showed some specifications technical and the date of exit, Christmas of 2017. In the topic video games there was a long gameplay of Gears of war 4, presenting us a split in cooperative and it important that will be cooperate with other players in some points of the game. They showed us a gameplay with some innovations, weapons, etc. Then also presented the Forza 3 Horizon, which no doubt bet strong and wide world of forza 2 horizon with new careers, skills, competitions, etc. In addition to the paragraph graphic of the title seems to be an of their large bazas, when Forza horizon 2 already is saw very well this aims to verse even better. More afternoon we have shown a trailer of Recore, a game of action-adventure developed by Comcept and Keiji Inafune that has very good PT. With parts of platforms and more paused as of action frantically and with many elements on screen. In addition, to be surrounded by enemies also it will serve us much have our allies robots. After that we returned to show a gameplay of Final Fantasy XV, this time fighting against the titan, although to our care, we believe that they could have put another kind of gameplay, more suitable for the Conference. It was then the turn indie games, of which we have to highlight some as it is the case of Inside, a video game whose beauty draws much attention, from the creators of Limbo and which undoubtedly will not leave anyone indifferent. Note also We happy few, a game whose beauty dazzled many players and can be some of the entrees in the horror genre over the next year. Tekken 7, presented with very good and no doubt will talk to fans fighting genre and a card game of The witcher, to follow the path of Hearthstone and it may be a great claim for fans of this genre of strategy. Dead Rising 4 that promises given in Dead Rising 3 but multiplied by three and State of Decay 2, two zombies games but very different to the other, Dead Rising much more humorous and exaggerated as that State of Decay more strategic, more as the walking dead. Ya como punto y final se presentó Scalebound, un videojuego que ya lleva saliendo en varios E3, con un gameplay en el cual nos enfrentábamos a un boss gigante que sin duda era espectacular y también Sea of thieves, un juego en el cual nos ponemos en la piel de unos piratas y en el que sin dudas hay que cooperar. también para acabar y no menos importante , Halo wars 2, now with much more strategy and more spectacular.

PC and the talk show

In terms of PC Conference repeated some errors when go to the Viewer, as already happened last year, perhaps is what became heavier. Innovations to be highlighted as we have Warhammer 40000: Dawn of war 3 a game where that was the great battles and this spectacular flower of skin and some other games as Mount and blade 2, Vampyr and others who have a very good pint. Are you gave much importance to the Oculus rift, that in this case we presented games as head (and says) roll in tyranny, the new rpg of Obsidian u others games as Observer of them creators of Layers of fear that particularly had very good PT. Weapon 3 Apex was one of them large titles, with an extension of land few times view in them video games and many news playable. Also noteworthy in the field of hardware and graphics cards, the new RX 400 AMD series.

Ubisoft and the show

In ubisoft could highlight the launch of Watch dogs 2, this time much more crazy and fast-paced but perhaps with a story less deep although with greater possibilities. For honor returns to stay this time with much more gameplay and where we can already see what will be bases playable as well as learn a little more about their breeds. Ghost recon: Wildlands, a very ambitious game, a world full of things to do and ways to deal with the missions. Of this game in particular showed enough minutes of gameplay and there is that add that had very good pint. Although once again, they are video games that are enjoyed in co-op with friends mostly. Finally also we would like to highlight the second installment of South park. The first installment dazzled many players to be very true to the cartoon and have a fun playable and it promises to be even more fun.

Sony and the magic

The Conference for Sony for some is the better Conference this E3, for others is that sold more smoke a year more, in our case we believe that has sold illusion highlightingfor example the new God of war, that far from being a remake or reimagination of the series is a continuation of God of war 3 , this time with the mythology Nordic and, without glimmer of doubts, what more has astonished to the players is the new point of view. We have no general plans ino that this time the camera will be placed behind Kratos and will follow. A gameplay extensive and with a much more leisurely pace than they could see we were accustomed with the God of war series. Another title that charmed many people was that of Days Gone, a game in which, one time more, will have to survive in a world post apocalyptic and infested by zombies, but this time with more spectacular because they will pursue us lot of zombies and we will have to see us and wish us to them to be able to escape. Another project that caused effect during the night was The last guardian of which was rather low but that lack increasingly less to enjoy it since we will receive it this year. One of the most impressive conference moments was when Hideo Kojima was surrounded by lights and show presenting their new game, now out of Konami, Death Stranding, which was rather little, only a trailer without gameplay but again with actor Norman Reedus as protagonist, in the midst of a dying world. To also have a long gameplay we enjoyed of Horizon zero dawn, on which they could domesticate giant robotic creatures and collect materials that we would serve to make other things to give hunt to other even more giant, as well as different types of weapons and an extensive field and visually very attractive which to get lost. Detroit: Become human, he was one of the big surprises of the Conference for Quantum Break games lovers and that looks exquisite, giving you the opportunity to change your decisions in the past taking into account the consequences that these will lead to. The Playstation VR also had enough importance, presenting us with titles like Batman VR or Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission of the most spectacular and also Resident evil 7, now in first person and with a much more survival aesthetic which you can already enjoy the demo if you are a user of PS PLUS. To finish between our games more prominent we can not nominate Spiderman, the new version of Insomniac Games and that it seems to have very good pint of showing images that we want to think that they were in game.

Nintendo and its Treehouse

Finally and finally Nintendo did their particular Treehouse, which you could see both the pokemon Sun and moon, of which spoke long and lying on the new mechanics, new Pokémon among many other things, like the new Zelda, half way between the drawing and the realism by the cellshade, to be called Breath of the wind. New playable very important as freedom of movement in a huge world and with all luxuries of details, scaling, the many materials that we can pick up between many more things, a very long gameplay and that the fans were amazed.

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