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Lately we can see how Nintendo overturns with indie games. Currently, we have a very interesting offer that we want to show you so you can enjoy your new console like never before.

The retro, indie or alternative video games that have been put on sale have multiplied and that’s why we want to make you part of the best indie games for Nintendo Switch. Let’s get started!


Independent, inventive and great, these are the videogames we have selected exclusively for you and your hybrid console. The Nintendo Switch has a very wide catalogue of games and many of them have this developed aesthetic.

Take a look at the best indie games for Nintendo Switch 2019 that we show you and spend uninterrupted hours of gameplay doing what you like best.


Downwell is a game full of adventures, whose story revolves around a young man looking for red gems and to do so has to face a dark and tantric road endowed with many secrets and evil creatures.

The game begins in the depths of a well, where there are monsters lurking. Our protagonist descends courageously for him, helping himself with pistol boots with which he will eliminate his enemies. The objective is to look for treasures, getting into the skin of a character with a clear indie profile.

Game facts
  • Release date: 31 January 2019
  • Genre: Action / platforms
  • Number of players: One player
Resultado de imagen de portada Downwell Nintendo Switch


The Red Strings Club is an interesting title for a curious and challenging story. Its aesthetics are as attractive as the narrative with which it seeks to capture the attention of the user. A corporation is going to launch a system that supposedly aims to improve the lives of citizens by eliminating fear, violence and depression.

However, two somewhat particular characters (a freelance hacker and a clandestine club bartender) do not agree with these methods of mind control. The couple will do all they can to spoil this Machiavellian plan that promises happiness in its purest form.

Game facts
  • Release date: 4 de marzo de 2019
  • Gender: Action
  • Number of players: One player
Resultado de imagen de portada The Red Strings Club Nintendo Switch


Ape Out is a colourful, intense and enveloping game full of violence and frenzy. You will get into the skin of an unstoppable gorilla who will crush anyone who crosses his path. Your shields and weapons will be the very captors who want to catch you.

Freedom is your goal and you will go in search of it by speeding through all kinds of places, labyrinths and corridors with a markedly indie appearance. Escape from captivity is not so simple and you will have to face a multitude of enemies and overcome obstacles and various traps using your instinct.

Game facts
  • Release date: 28 de febrero de 2019
  • Genre: Graphic Adventure
  • Number of players: One player
Resultado de imagen de portada APE OUT Nintendo Switch


There are many titles to choose from, some of them authentic, so in principle it can be difficult to select the best indie games for Nintendo Switch 2018. We have tried and this has been the result, video games that debuted last year with great success. Do you want to discover them?


Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based role-playing game. It is original, demanding, addictive and can even generate frustration. Without a doubt, it is a title that leaves no one indifferent. Your duty is to recruit and train a team to take them through labyrinths, ruins and forests, where you will discover strange mysteries, challenging monsters and other threats you don’t expect such as disease, hunger, stress and even darkness.

Fear, masochism, irrationality and paranoia will be present in the game, symptoms that may affect group dynamics. The game is based on illustrations with a very interesting Gothic dot that have been created by hand. In addition, you will have 16 classes of strange heroes to choose from, such as a diabla or a leper.


Game facts
  • Release date: 18 de enero de 2018
  • Gender: Action
  • Number of players: One player
Resultado de imagen de portada Darkest Dungeon Nintendo Switch


Celeste is a platform game in which you control a young girl named Madeline. The idea is to go up a mountain trying to avoid all kinds of threats in the form of obstacles.

For this you can jump and climb the walls and run in any direction. You will also have the help of various mechanics such as springs that will throw your character or feathers that will allow him to fly. In the levels there are strawberries that you can pick up along the way for rewards.

Game facts
  • Release date: 25 de enero de 2018
  • Gender: Platforms
  • Number of players: One player
Resultado de imagen de portada Celeste Nintendo Switch


Crypt of the NecroDancer is a title of dungeons that we already knew, only that Nintendo Switch launched a very special edition to enjoy this game in all its splendor. Move the protagonist of the game, a young explorer by the name of Cadence, to the rhythm of the game and rain through the dungeons that will appear randomly to fight against all kinds of evil beings such as dragons, zombies or skeletons. It’s even possible to do it with a friend through their local cooperative mode!

Game facts
  • Release date: 8 de febrero de 2018
  • Genre: Action / Fantasy
  • Number of players: Single player / Multiplayer
Resultado de imagen de portada Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition

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