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From here we will show you the best indie games for PS4. The truth is that both the previous year and the current one have been very fruitful and we have not been able to avoid selecting some very interesting proposals. The list is quite long and there are titles for all tastes, hence we have made a brief review so that you do not stay behind and discover exceptional games. Here they go!


This year a multitude of titles have been launched on the market that stand out for their quality. It took us a while to choose, but here are some of the best PS4 2019 indie games we’ve discovered.


Blasphemous is a very intense game endowed with darkness and fantasy. It revolves around the character of The Penitent, with which you must explore the place loaded with violent enemies, mechanisms and deadly traps. It is one of the most promising indie titles of 2019 with exceptional ambience and playability.

Blasphemous is very complete. It tells a thrilling story where there is no shortage of Machiavellian creatures, gods, monsters and fallen knights. The game is challenging and the controls are easy and practical to use. Fights, landslides and jumps, as well as temples, forests and cemeteries where you will encounter all kinds of threats. Find the best survival strategy and use it!

Game facts
  • Release Date: To be determined
  • Gender: Action / role / platforms
  • Number of players: one player
Resultado de imagen de portada Blasphemous ps4


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is another lateral development title with plenty of exploration, action, role and platforms. Its atmosphere is gothic and over time will become one of the best creations of producer Koji Igarashi. We are convinced of that. The player will put himself in the shoes of Miriam, a young woman suffering from a curse, the victim of a magician alchemist. Our mission will be to end their suffering and seek the cure to stop being crystal. The idea is to improve the character, get new weapons and combine different elements to create powerful objects and features.

Game facts
  • Release Date: To be determined
  • Genre: Action / adventure
  • Number of players: 1 or 2 players
Resultado de imagen de portada Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ps4


The title itself is revealing and undoubtedly draws powerful attention. Our character will enter a world of pure frenzy endowed with a multitude of platforms that must travel unstoppable. This is a stylish video game that is full of action and arcade aesthetics, with 3D graphics and a gameplay quite animated to the purest shooter style. The difficulty of the game will increase progressively, becoming a real challenge. Are you ready for the challenge?

Game facts
  • Release Date: To be determined
  • Genre: Action / shooter
  • Number of players: one player
Resultado de imagen de cartelera My Friend Pedro ps4


Last year left us with a great deal of mouth knowledge and video game lovers have been able to enjoy some of the best indie games for PS4 2018 that stand out for their originality and freshness. We bring you some of them to spend unforgettable afternoons doing one of the things you like most. Take note of some of our favorite titles.


This is an adventure title that has managed to capture the interest of a multitude of players. We are talking about a survival video game with a very attractive atmosphere with high doses of addiction. Thanks to him you will be able to explore an ocean located on an alien planet called 4546B. As you progress through the game you will have to collect different resources in order to survive. The depths of this unknown underwater world will be full of real wonders that you will get to know, but also of dangers. Watch out!

Game facts
  • Release Date: January 23, 2018
  • Genre: Adventures / Survival
  • Number of players: one player
Resultado de imagen de Subnautica ps4 portada


Celeste is an independent title with challenging platforms and perfect gameplay. The soundtrack stands out, as well as a story endowed with emotion and very entertaining characters. The best of the indie genre, without a doubt. Your character can jump and bounce on walls, as well as propel himself into the air and grab onto all kinds of surfaces. Yes, you must be very careful to hold on tightly, without getting tired, which would cause his fall.

Game facts
  • Release Date: January 25, 2018
  • Gender: Platforms
  • Number of players: one player
Resultado de imagen de Celeste ps4 portada


Minit is creativity and novelty. If you want a different videogame, the adventure it proposes will surprise you. The protagonist of this title dies every 60 seconds, something that attracts powerful attention. He is doomed to do so, although he also relives again and again. The idea is to explore the area and progress, although those 60 seconds are an inconvenience and condition the way we play. Defeat some characters, open doors and get objects that will help you move forward.

Game facts
  • Release Date: April 3, 2018
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Number of players: one player
Resultado de imagen de portada minit ps4

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