The Legend of Legacy – Review

The feeling of often holding the Nintendo 3DS is something magnificent, because it indicates that there is potential in that console, and that many developers are aiming for that single portable console, which despite the architecture can make someone turn up their noses, manages to give often and continuously a deep feeling it's pleasant.

View The Legend of Legacy here with us Europeans it was like a mirage in the middle of the desert, a title that we have longed for and dreamed of playing for who knows how long.

The title immediately enshrines its strict and pure belonging to the classic Japanese role-playing game genre, and it does so by giving atmosphere and battle system typical of the genre.

Although playing The Legend of Legacy is very relaxing in some ways, for some players it will be a very special experience, and perhaps even annoying, since in some ways it knocks down a base of its own.

We do not want to dwell much on the incipit, we let you enjoy our review in peace!

The wait that was neither misplaced nor repaid

As we know, the wait can be rewarded or misplaced, and The Legend of Legacy is positioned in a mixture between the two, thus becoming a neutral element that turns inside a core.

At the beginning we will be asked which character we prefer to check with for this adventure, and without too much delay and after choosing, we will realize that - what seems almost a useless choice - turns out to be relevant in some ways, both for narrative purposes and for the technical ones.

As happened in games of the genre, dying means starting from the last save point, which often causes even the holiest of this earth to lose his temper.

The game moves on a structure offered by the engine developed by the FuRyu studio, which gives a very fairytale aspect, given the way the environment appears like an animated storybook.

He also has an excellent character design, beautiful in many respects, and which distinguishes The Legend of Legacy from many other Japanese productions, where the heroes are stereotypes created with the stencil and multiplied by several thousand quantities.

Looking at the portraits of the characters, we noticed something we have already seen, and thinking about it we realized that they are very similar to the recently reviewed Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: Fanfir Knight.

The solid and rigid structure

The beauty of The Legend of Legacy is not so much the fact that it takes up the old JRPGs and brings back all the mechanics, but so much for the influence of the elements that surround us in a certain area.

For example, if in an X environment, an Element Y is dominated, it will be good to use the Element Y instead of the Z element, since the first will release more power than all the other elements present in our menu.

To be able to exploit the elements there is a cost, and this cost is to lose a turn to bind to the element, but everything will be rewarded by a greater force and an easier battle, since if the element Y removed a two hundred of damage, with the associated element it will remove almost four hundred.

The battles are of medium - high difficulty, since there is no lack of opportunity to meet a group of five enemies, even at the beginning of the game, ready to throw us down as if we were the targets of a polygon.

With the continuation of the story, we will have the opportunity to specialize on certain points some of the characters of our party, perhaps making a member more suitable for the defense of the group rather than beating and defeating the enemy party.

Another not indifferent element is certainly the exploration of the places surrounding the game, since we will have a map on the bottom screen that we will need to trace as we explore, thus having a greater knowledge of what surrounds us, facilitating our next goal. or the current one.

Another problem that affects the gaming experience is certainly the Level Up, which does not allow us to enhance our heroes as we want, since to enhance that skill, it will be necessary to use it for a certain number of times, thus neglecting other important statistics for the battle and creating an imbalance within the party.

Unfortunately there is another aspect that makes The Legend of Legacy a very simple game, that is, each character will be able to equip any weapon or object, thus creating an almost indifferent one between the characters, making them almost equal to each other and without battle identity.

Final Comment

To conclude, we can say that the title is very nice and maybe it wasn't quite what we expected after all this time, but we can say that it still managed to entertain us for several hours.

Unfortunately, the title does not have a known Storyline, but offers a narrative component that in some ways is almost always muted to give space to the contents present in the game.

Despite everything, it remains a very pleasant experience, especially if you are a fan of Japanese RPGs, otherwise there is a high probability that the title will not be liked in its prime.

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