The new Italian horror video game Dreadful Bond - Preview

If we talk about Italian thriller or horror films, we can only mention the name of Dario silver. The director was born in Roma il 7 September of 1940, son of the Sicilian film critic and producer Salvatore Argento and the fashion photographer of Brazilian origin Elda Luxardo.

Dario Argento he enrolled in the classical high school, but abandoned it in the second year for afterhurtyes in France where he spends his youth. Back in Italy he was hired by the Roman newspaper "Country Evening", here it is stated how movie critic thanks to his enormous ability to write, thanks to this he decides to pursue the career of screenwriter. After various collaborations with directors such as: Sergio Amidei, Alberto Sordi and many others, in 1969 he writes and directs his first film. 

The works Dario Argento have the characteristic of leveraging events that they could actually happen in reality. In fact, at the beginning of his career, Argento's films did not show the presence of supernatural elements, but all his stories were based on the tension and fear of death that can be aroused by other human beings.

Subsequently Dario makes a real turning point adding various elements of the supernatural. This breakthrough will lead to the creation of "Deep red" film that will elevate him to the master of the horror thriller genre. 

First impressions of Dreadful's tech demo

Thanks to Clod Studio we got to try the tech demo di Dreadful Bond, video game created in collaboration with Dario Argento. The title, born on Kickstarter, is inspired by horror movie of 50s / 60s and will immerse the player in frightening atmospheres, enriched by very dark sounds. The production team has revealed that in Dreadful we will find ourselves experiencing a story of love, bestiality, alchemy and mysticism that will put a strain on the player's mental health.

Through the tech demo we could try three levels. To begin our test of Dreadful we found ourselves in a graveyard. In this place the atmosphere is king, in fact here not nothing actually scary will happen, however, the tension will be palpable, thanks to a masterful use of a very atmospheric sound sector and to a excellent use of lighting.

In the cemetery in particular we will be able to notice how the models have been quite well looked after. Probably the development team, to create this place and also the following ones, used photos of real places as a basis, in fact the statues and tombs boast excellent 3D modeling.

In the second level, titled “The tunnel”, the first oddities will begin. The place is brighter than the cemetery, but it turns out dilapidated e abandoned, the paint on the walls is peeling and the place is dirty and full of rubbish. Many gates are closed and from the only open gate it is possible to hear the voice of a woman playing with her son.

We notice his shadow on the wall, but when we turn around before our eyes it appears the body of a headless woman. Suddenly the door from which we see the body will close and trying to get closer it is possible to hear something muttering. hardly decipherable.

After this event we resumed walking through the tunnel that led us to the last level, that is the mansion. This place was full of very disturbing paintings depicting animals of various kinds. Although this place is the most small among the three, is also the one with the most supernatural moments.

On the stairs it is in fact possible to notice the shadow of a person's feet and subsequently hear a footsteps. On the ground floor on a chair the shadow of the will appear again mother with baby girl and finally on the second floor through the use of blur, it is possible to see what presumably is a statue transform into something incomprehensible.

Here ends the tech demo and we can't wait for a first official version of the title to be available. Dreadful could undoubtedly turn out to be one of the best Italian horror video games and we sincerely hope so.

The Italian gaming industry and the rebirth of atmospheric horror

The local videogame industry is experiencing a small rebirth thanks to this genre that has not seen valid titles for many years. The most striking example of how the horror genre is having a renaissance thanks to the Italian industry is undoubtedly Remothered, which in fact bases everything ontheatmosphere and on the concept of being in a dangerous place, where a crazy will want to kill us and the only way to to survive Sara hide ed avoid it.

Being actually helpless in a dangerous situation it is a concept as basic as it is taken for granted that has been around for years neglected, few titles have managed to leverage this element and the best known ones, by now, are quite a lot old.

The newer ones date back to 2007/10, but you haven't seen titles that made a lot of use of this factor since 2005. Ten years, in which the horror genre was reduced to simple loud noise that scares or al indiscriminate slaughter of supernatural creatures, putting more and more into the background the atmosphere for the showmanship.

The indie industry, fortunately, in a very shy way is slowly reviving atmospheric horror and knowing that our beautiful country is also within this niche can only make us proud. Having said that we just have to wait for the project Dreadful reveal new details about it.

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