Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – Review

Since the Gwent he made his debut on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players have been clamoring for a stand-alone version that would allow them to enjoy that mini-game in a real game. For this CD Project Red in 2016 during the E3 di Los Angeles announced that online video game called Gwent.

During its debut many were wondering if this new online project had a story mode and actually had to be present in this version. Unfortunately during development, the guys from CD Projekt Red ran into some technical difficulties for the balance and a graphic restyling of the game. Despite this, the developers have abandoned the idea of ​​releasing an expandable campaign such as that of Hearthstone in its place they have created a stand-alone experience that blends the elements of Gwent. The Witcher Card Game with those of the Singleplayer narrative and for this the project was born: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, an experience that runs through the world of The Witcher with the aforementioned system.

Before the Strigo

The story is set a few years before the witcher we know by the name of Geralt Of Rivia, so the latter is not the cornerstone of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. On the other hand, the protagonist of the events is Meve, the queen of Rivia, all during the second war against Nilfgaard. The narrative is structured in an impeccable way, it will allow us to wander in different environments letting us know different key places and the races that populate the world of The Witcher. There are five acts of the story and these require around twenty-five to thirty hours of actual play to complete.

For those who follow the books of The Witcher written by Andrzej Sapkowski will find some surprises, given that during the story we will meet several characters often mentioned in the literal adventures of the witcher of Rivia. The narration follows the system of the main game, it will allow us to take important choices for narrative purposes, moreover, the dialogues take place as in the visual novel with close-up portraits that will change expression based on the dialogue. A result that in our opinion is very pleasant, moreover the story is pleasant to follow and enriches the knowledge of the game universe a bit.

Unique system

The game system is very simple, we will have a Fantasy-style map, enriched by polygonal models moved by an engine that winks a lot to Cel-Shading. During the phases in the map we will be able to move our pawn, that is Meve, looking for resources and collectibles. It is important to research the resources as they will allow us not only to enrich our deck of Gwent, but also to improve our camp. The battle mechanism is divided into many phases, we will have clashes where we can use our deck freely, without any restrictions, while in others we will have a certain number of actions available in which we will have to understand in which order to use the cards to solve the problem. enigma and thus achieve victory. But the various more difficult fights are those with modifiers, in which we will be forced to perform certain actions paying attention to the modifiers.

A great vastness

The number of cards present inside Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales it is truly immense, in fact we will be offered the possibility of creating many combinations to use in battle. On the flip side however, due to not too many free fights the Deck Building it is almost useless, since the opportunities to take advantage of well studied and set decks will be very few. There is also an upgrade component of the camp - which we have mentioned a few paragraphs above - which will allow us to obtain upgrades for the cards already present in our deck.

On an artistic level, there are no words to describe the work done by CD Projekt Red, saying a masterpiece is perhaps a bit reductive. The comic and cel-shaded look manages to give something new and never seen before, thus appreciating every single element that makes up what is the production. The best thing is that the settings remain consistent with the narrative structure of The Witcher trilogy, plus everything is enriched by an impeccable narrative that blends perfectly with the style of Thronebreaker. The audio sector also plays an important role, it is well cared for and pleasant to listen to.

Final Comment

Also this time i Poles they managed to surprise us with a high quality production, experience Single player of Gwent it is something that must be experienced, especially if you are a fan of the witcher of Rivia. The narrative elements are very interesting and enrich the knowledge about the game universe, adding some more curiosities to the trilogy of Geralt. For us it is an absolutely promoted title, recommended to buy!

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