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In the Gums Up catalogue, which is updated every day to improve its services and extend its offering to active users, you’ll find gift cards for iTunes and Android, as well as Steam gift cards (games), Amazon, Nintendo, PS and Xbox.

For fans of video games, the option to win gift cards, PayPal money or even precious gems is a great advantage, as it allows you to complement these products with your favourite game, within the established rules and as a strategic tool to advance and improve their “gameplay”.

Tips for mobile games

Access the Gumsup app where we have a clash of clans resource generator, tricks for angry birds Seasons, the option to get in candy crush all infinite and also cut the rope android tricks. And so we could go on until we get tired of naming the most popular games that we can download on our mobile phone. Games that we can spend hours playing without stopping (one of the reasons why the battery runs out so fast), which are also free. But unfortunately, there are also paid mobile games available. In our app, you have the possibility to download mobile games for free!

Download free games for Android and iOS mobile phones

Free games and paid games are available in the Play Store and App Store. The free ones don’t have any mystery, you download them and that’s it; but when it comes to downloading paid games one of the most helpful methods is accessing our operating system to remove restrictions and not pay. This is known as root on Android or jailbreak on iOS. If you are from Android you can also download the game in an. apk file to your PC, copy it to your mobile phone with the USB cable and install it using a file management app.

mobile games

But the file management app takes up space, and it’s quite cumbersome. That’s why we suggest you use one of the apps that pay us to use them to download free mobile games. In other words, we recommend you to use Gums Up, the best application we found in this sector because we can use its rewards directly in the Play Store to “pay” for games!

Download free games for touch mobile phone

And we say “pay” because the game will really be free, you won’t have to invest a penny. With Gums Up, you can download free mobile games whenever you want at 0€! You can get all the free games to download Android and iOs you want!

Logically, downloading Gums Up is FREE. Go to the Play Store (or the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad) and install this app on your device. Once you’ve registered you just have to start earning gums, the points that will allow you to unlock rewards of increasing value as you accumulate gums. Adding gums is as easy as going to Win Gums (you’ll see it at the top left) and starting using applications, participating in surveys or watching videos. Every friend you invite to Gums Up is an extra 500 gums, so use it to win gums if you know someone who is interested in installing the application.

We already have the gums, now we just need to turn them into that game we wanted. To do this, just go to the Gums Up prizes section and redeem them for the Play Store or App Store gift cards or for PayPal money, with which we can pay them and thus download free games for mobile phones that in theory are paid. And if you have too many gums you can exchange them for Amazon discount cards, Xbox Live, Play Station Network, iTunes…


Arena of Valor, known in Asia as Honor of Kings, is a MOBA for mobile devices that follows the path of success of League of Legends, also edited by the great Chinese company Tencent. The video game confronts us in exciting 5 vs 5 battles with heroes and villains fighting a colorful fantasy world.

The game features fast-paced combat on a classic battlefield with 3 lines and towers to conquer, a jungle full of monsters, as well as various game modes, 5v5 for big games, 3v3 games and 1v1 mode for small rounds between friends.

Arena of Valor has become an eSport with several world-wide competitions in which it has become a major player. use tablets to play.

At Gumsup we teach you how to get gold in arena of valor.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the first incursion of the animal social simulator in mobile devices. Players can download on their smartphones compatible with iOS or Android this title free to play where there is no other objective but to manage and personalize a camp full of friendly campers from all corners of the animal kingdom -many of them, like Tota Keke, Tom Nook or Al and Paca, are all veterans of the saga.
In this way, it is totally possible to decorate our plot as we like, collecting furniture that we buy or exchange with our neighbors, or even to build new facilities once we get along well enough with them and we have enough materials. Check out the best tricks Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Inventory and camp management at Animal Crossing Pocket Camp are subject to certain limitations that can be circumvented by using paper tickets, the premium coin of the game, which can be achieved by completing assignments and tasks for those who prefer to set aside microtransactions.


Angry Birds Evolution is a turn-based strategy game with Rovio’s famous birds.
Our goal is to take out the pigs that have stolen the eggs from our pigs.
It is necessary to use the usual tactic: throw the protagonists to attack the pigs that are in the scenery. This time the perspective is much closer and it is possible to enjoy the company of many different characters, each with their unique abilities. Collect, gather and evolve your flock. Find out how to get gold in angry birds evolution.
Over 100 new, crackpots Angry Birds?! The flock is bigger and more mischievous than never. Create your own team, combine superpowers and evolve your birds to their final shape.


Angry Birds Seasons is the first sequel to the classic Angry Birds, one of the games most downloaded from the history of Google Play and a reference within the world of the video games for touch terminals. In Angry Birds Seasons we will find lots of new levels adapted to the season in which we find ourselves. That is to say, when we are in Christmas we can play levels with Christmas ambience, when we are in Halloween with scary scary scenery, in summer with summer ambience, and so on.
Aside from this carousel of seasonal levels, Angry Birds Seasons retains all the elements that have made the saga great. The game mechanics are exactly the same:

We’ll have to throw our birds (at the usual ones) at the pigs to try throw them all out and get the three stars. Get infinite gems Angry Birds Seasons.


The creators of the most important graphic adventures of recent times, TellTale Games’ boys, present a new proposal of the series in the context of the dangerous city of Gotham for a title composed of five episodes. In it both Bruce Wayne and his winged alter ego, Batman himself, face tough decisions and also have to overcome action scenes based on QuickTime Events.
Batman: A Telltale Games Series, which is distributed in physical and digital format, revolves around the figure of the Dark Knight, without characters like Robin or Nightwing appearing, but allies like Alfred or Jim Gordon. This videogame has a graphic engine, is inspired by the art of comic masters like Greg Capullo or Jim Lee, and will confront us with several villains of the Batman universe. We have also managed to offer you how to get free coins in Batman The Enemy Within.


Battle Bay is a game created by the creators of the Angry Birds franchise, which proposes to us submerge ourselves in a very particular free to play boat war, in which two teams consisting of five units each must participate in maritime battles very well designed and in real time. There are five classes of boats and the ship’s control system is really reliable. Get free battle bay pearls now!

Real-time multiplayer battles in your pocket. Choose a boat, set it up and ride the waves with your fleet of teammates to beat, based on firepower and naval strategy, other players online in five-on-five contests. Smile and wave at your enemies! Face real opponents and master waves in real-time team battles: it’s win or perish.


Bit Heroes is an MMORPG with retro aesthetics, in which players can create their own adventurer, with which they will have to enter the dangerous dungeons filled with monsters of all kinds. At Gumsup we offer all the tricks of bit heroes. Of course, they can also contact other players and even fight them in PvP arenas. When you start playing Bit Heroes we can create our hero by choosing the type and color of hair, skin color or sex once we have our own created adventurer, we can start looting dungeons.

It won’t be long before we find out that enemies can’t just be defeated, but we’ll also be able to recruit them to join our group of looters from dungeons. The battles in Bit Heroes take place in turns, although the truth is that they are very simple.
In our turn we will only be able to choose which skill we want to use, but not to what we want to attack. In fact, if we want to speed things up, we can increase the and even automate them.


Billiard – Pool Billiards Pro is a pool game with a direct and fun mechanics, which will allow us to play several different game modes, from the comfort of our Android terminal. Players will be able to choose between several different modes: solo, so that we can practice; against artificial intelligence, to test our skills; and in arcade mode, where more than ninety different challenges await us. Discover in gums up all the tricks Pool Billiards pro.

Pool Billiards Pro is very straightforward: with the fingertip we can move the direction in which the cue is pointed, and with just a click of the screen we can give it strength. In this very intuitive way we’ll have to try to get all the balls in.


Boom Beach is a real-time strategy game developed by Supercell (authors of the popular Clash of Clans) where players can build their own fort on an island and storm the enemy islands in thrilling mass battles.
The mechanics of the game is very similar to that of the aforementioned Clash of Clans: the players will have to set up their base of operations near the beach of their own island, and they can attack the enemy islands to get lots of different rewards, as in Clash of Clans we also offer the trick of free gems boom beach.

Although we may be able to fight against the Dark Guard, the enemy army controlled by the artificial intelligence, in Boom Beach we will also be able to fight other players against through the Internet. We’ll just have to attack their islands, and try to overcome their defenses with our troops.


Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game where players can take on rivals from around the world in exciting card duels where strategy and planning will be the key to victory.
The Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft gameplay system is similar to other titles in the genre such as Magic: The Gathering. In each turn, players will receive an additional maximum mana point, which will serve to bring into play as many cards as the mana allows. Get free cards at Hearthstone.
We can summon creatures to attack our opponents or their own creatures, cast powerful spells and combine all the skills to make the ultimate move to knock out the enemy’s life points.


You’ve received a mysterious package. Inside there is a creature that only asks for one thing: CARAMELOS! Help adorable Om Nom get the candy in this addictive puzzle game. The little green monster Om Nom is back and hungry as ever! Join the Professor, a mad scientist (not evil!) determined to study the reason why Om Nom loves candy through a series of  experiments.
Discover hidden prizes and unlock new levels! Help this nice creature. green to put your hands on all the delicious sweets of each level. Find out the right order and time to cut the rope. Try to collect all the stars for a perfect score!

Look at our section of cut the rope android tricks, there you will find everything you need to know to enjoy this game to the fullest!


The undead come for you! Find a vehicle before it’s too much late and drive without looking back to save your life. Will you be able to shy away without taking your eyes off the road from the persistent hordes of brain-hungry zombies on your heels? Escape from the zombies on motorbikes and shotgun in hand. Dead Ahead is an arcade in which players will control a young man who must escape the zombie attack.

To do this, we’ll have to ride a motorcycle while dodging lots of obstacles, hitting dozens of zombies, and shooting at enemies that are about to hit us. Get dead ahead free coins.


Machinarium is a puzzle adventure where we must guide the destiny of a small robot immersed in a metallic city in search of his beloved, while disrupting the plans of a criminal organization. In a polluted and machine-populated world, a small bipedal robot is banished, without explanation, from a burnished metal citadel.
This is how Machinarium begins, a curious mixture of puzzle and adventure. Recovering and overcoming the numerous obstacles that separate him from the city and his beloved  companion, the player will come to know the history of the rusted droid. Learn all the tricks of manchinarium android.
This adventure component, recognizable by the robot’s relative freedom of movement and the use of an object inventory, blends in with ingenious puzzles. In Machinarium you must combine items and use them in a strange and sometimes hostile environment.


Dragon City is a social management game in which players will have to create a social management game called Dragon City magical city where all your dragons can live in a comfortable and pleasant way.
We will have to give them a place to sleep, food, entertainment, and everything necessary for them to be happy. Players will be able to find, train and master over a hundred different dragons. Each dragon has its own look, its own evolution and its own special characteristics. In addition, the number of dragons is increasing every week with the successive game updates. Of course, we’ll have to have a city attractive enough to attract the dragons. Want free resources?

At Gumsup we teach you how to get free gems dragon city.


Clash of Clans is a strategy multiplayer video game developed by Supercell for mobile devices, where it has achieved great popularity. The title puts the players in the shoes of a village chief who must improve by building fortifications and plundering other players in search of materials. Visit our Clash of Clans page and learn how our clash of clans resource generator works.
The title bets on a freemium model with microtransactions to alleviate the time spent on the market construction of walls and weapons. Players form clans to share valuable ones
and protect their villages, forming wars against other clans. The possibilities Clash of Clans tactics have raised him to one of the great hopes of the mobile terrain at eSports.


Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans present Clash Royale, a freemium free video game (free with the possibility of making microtransactions), with which they reissue the success of their previous title by combining this time card game elements from the tower defense genre and, of course, battle games in online arenas.
Creditor of abundant records as the most downloaded game in the United States, Clash Royale is a pitch where fans face each other in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 in time.

demonstrating his ability to defeat the other players. For each game won the player receives coins, cups and a chest. The latter (the chests) bring new cards to the player who wins. It is important to know that the coffers are divided into free coffers, silver coffers, gold coffers, crown coffers (requires to win 10 crowns in battles), giant coffers, magic coffers, supermagic coffers, epic coffers and finally legendary coffers.

The Clash Royale had 42 cards from the start, which have been expanded with several cards.

Updates to the game, and which are divided into common cards, special cards, epic cards and legendary cards, the latter the most difficult to get. There are plenty of guides on Clash Royale to have the best mallets, chests and moves. We have all the clash royale gems tricks, learn how it works!


Glow Hockey is a digital version of the classic arcade game in which we have to slip a sliding disc into the goal of the opposing player.

To do this we will have to use our finger as a bouncer and hit the disc trying to prevent the opponent (managed by the machine) from scoring on our goal. As everyone who has played this game will know, it’s as easy as our bad shots. Learn everything you need to know about glow hockey android.


Golf Clash is a three dimensional golf game in which we can play matches.

against other players over the Internet. Each of these matches won’t last and will not last five minutes: two or three strokes and we will almost certainly have finished the hole. The Golf Clash game system is very simple. When it’s our turn, we’ll only have press the ball and slide it slightly down. Once this is done, we’ll have to release the ball at just the right time to strike it correctly and move in the direction of the ball right. If we release too early or too late, we will send the deviated ball.

Get free coins clash golf.


Gru: My Favorite Villain: Minion Rush is a’ endless runner’ in three dimensions at the most Pure Temple Run style in which players will have to control the famous minions of the movie Gru: My Favorite Villain.

The objective of the game, as always happens in this genre, will be to try to go as far as possible while we collect as many bananas as possible during our tour. With these bananas, once we finish the race, we will be able to buy different items that unlock new appearances for the minions. Learn all the minion rush tricks.


Jetpack Joyride is an action and platform game in which we will have to direct Barry by a lab complex while he’s on board his jetpack, recently stolen from the scientists who were working with him. At first we will only have the classic jetpack of however, as we collect the coins that are scattered around the stage, we will be able to buy new much more spectacular vehicles (like the rainbow thrower). Our main weapon in overcoming all these levels will be our reflexes, very necessary if we want to survive the hundreds of obstacles of all kinds that we will encounter in each level, such as laser beams, electric barriers or missiles.

Learn how to get infinite coins jetpack joyride.


Jungle Heat is a strategy and action game in which players will have to build and manage a military base of operations in the middle of the jungle, with the aim of defeating all their enemies and keeping the oilfields and gold mines in the area.
Throughout a Jungle Heat game, players will have to build different buildings on their bases, which will perform many different functions. Some of us will need them for resources, others will be needed to produce new units, while others will defend us from enemy attack. Although we will normally be attacked by enemies controlled by artificial intelligence, Jungle Heat players can also fight against each other in Jungle Heat. We can attack and be attacked by other human players, and the best thing is that we will have a chance to get revenge in case an enemy successfully ransack our base.

We know how to get unlimited jungle heat resources, visit the site and learn how, just with Gumsup!


Limbo is an atypical black-and-white game with a carefully crafted artistic design mix of black and white platforms and puzzles, and whose story takes place in a dark and hostile environment, but at the same time full of beauty. Limbo is the ultimate artistic and playable wonder: a platform of evocative argument, terrifying ambience and masterfully designed puzzles.
In Limbo you incarnate a nameless child who wakes up in a world of nightmare. Without a clearly more than saving your sister from an uncertain future, you will have to go through the following steps forests, caves, villages and factories of terrifying beauty. Find in Gumsup our section of Limbo app tricks.

But watch out!

The traps will be plentiful along the way. The most striking thing about Limbo is the following his exquisite artistic design, dignifiedly influenced by German expressionism: games
of strange lights and shadows, strange camera angles and raw, industrial sounds that make you feel like you’re in the dark they’re going to make your hair stand on end.


MOBA’s fashion is beyond doubt, although a game for mobile devices has not yet appeared within this subgenre that is up to DOTA 2 or League of Legends. Mobile Legends blatantly copies the aesthetics of the latter to offer a new look fun online multiplayer game that has little to envy from its PC counterparts.
The game allows you to play combats of up to five against five in which, using the following methods touch screen controls, we’ll have to take down the enemy fortifications.
as we control our hero and make improvements on the ground while managing skills and controlling the minions creation flow. Visit the page and you will discover all the mobile legends tricks.


CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a game in which we will have to build a machine between vehicle and robot, with which we will be able to face the most difficult challenges other players’ machines. We’ll have to design, manufacture and upgrade the war robot
definitive. In gumsup we tell you how to get free coins in cats.

At our disposal we will find dozens of different pieces divided in various categories. The most important thing in creating our war machine will be the chassis, which will provide specific energy values and life points. Once the chassis is selected, we will also need to add a pair of wheels. Last but not least, we will have to add weapons. We can use rocket launchers, serrated saws, blades, trampolines, giant screwdrivers and much more.


Ten years after the release of the original game, comes this remake of the popular game of Xbox Live Arcade “worm” strategy. Take your grenades and prepare for battle, now that the worms have become bigger and better than ever in Worms 2: Armageddon! The one the most acclaimed turn-based strategy gameplay is now available for Android, with new weapons, new customization options and many more explosions! This is how a typical worm game will develop. Choose a level, your team of four (along with the will be generated in randomized locations through a 2D map. A random worm of your team will be chosen to be controlled. Depending on the type of selected combat, you will have time to move and select a weapon, let’s say that the average is 60 seconds. Learn how to get free coins worms.


Nintendo is strongly committed to mobile devices. Super Mario Run is the first videogame of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. which premieres on smartphones; a 2D platform adventure that puts us at the controls of a mustached plumber who never stops running this time. Skip, dodge traps, collect coins and of course defeat the evil Bowser and his minions in this frenetic run-game for iOS and Android.
The action of the video game could not be more intuitive. You press on the touchscreen and Mario jumps; you press hard, and he jumps higher. It’s that simple… not easy. Over 24 levels, with their corresponding castles and Koopaling-driven flying boats, in Super Mario Run we’re going to find new elements that change the franchise’s action: blocks that accelerate your steps, others that change the direction of the race, those that allow you to jump higher and much more! As for example in Gumsup you will discover how to get infinite coins in super mario run.


Monument Valley is a puzzle game, in which we must manipulate impossible architectures and guide a silent princess through a world of great beauty. In Monument Valley, you must manipulate impossible architectures and guide a silent princess through a world of incomparable beauty. Monument Valley is an unreal journey through fantastic constructions and impossible geometries. Guide the silent Princess Ida through mysterious monuments, discover hidden paths, reveal optical illusions and mock the enigmatic Crow Men.

Discover our monument valley app tricks section.


Plague Inc: Evolved is a terrifyingly realistic strategy and simulation video game where your pathogen just infected patient zero. Now your mission is to extinguish humankind spreading a deadly epidemic while sabotaging the efforts of the population to fight it. A dozen types of diseases, a hyper-realistic world where you can develop your strategies and different modes of play await the player. Can you infect the world?
Plague Inc. is a unique blend of high strategy and frighteningly realistic simulation with over 700 million games played! Your pathogen has just infected the’ Patient Zero’. Now you must put an end to the history of humanity by evolving a deadly plague and as you adapt to everything that is humanity. Discover the plague inc hack with Gumsup!


Pokemon Go is a free augmented reality gaming application for mobile phones that allows you to register and locate Pokémon in the real world, offering a real-world gaming experience which goes “beyond the screen” and includes, for coaches, the possibility of getting hold of a wrist device that connects to the app via Bluetooth and vibrates and lights up when creatures are nearby.
Designed by Niantic Labs for The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, in Pokemon Go for Android / iPhone we see how Pokémon live in real habitats and ecosystems, being
our goal is to search for and capture wild Pokémon using geolocation and the our motive to launch Poké Balls and store them in Pokédex. Get free pokecoins now.


Pou, one of the most successful Google Play applications with several million downloads, puts the gambler as a caretaker of a little alien in the shape of… poop, the one that we’ll have to spoil him to grow, evolve and be happy. Find out how to obtain in pou infinite coins.
The concept of the game is very similar to that of the classic tamagotchis that are so fashionable put at the turn of the century. That is to say, we will have to feed our pet, play with it for fun, clean it so that it is healthy, and ultimately give it all the attention it requires.

As we do all this, Pou will grow and, more importantly, the application will reward us with different elements such as hats, clothes or funds for our little pet. In this way we always have incentives to continue taking care of him.


Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic, which uses a mechanics similar to that of the classic’ Temple Run’, to offer a fast-paced experience where you can experience we’ll have to have very good reflexes if we really want to go far.
The game features all the traditional elements of the’ Sonic: The Hedgehog’ franchise, such as the stages, which will be familiar to all fans of the saga; the power-ups, which will provide us with different skills; and the characters, including Tails or Knuckles. Sonic Dash offers the ability to challenge our friends over the Internet with online rating tables. All we’ll have to do is play the same way we always do, set our own record and send it to our friends to try and beat it. If they succeed, they will beat us; if they fail, we will have won.

If you’re a fan of sonic you can’t miss the sonic dash rings trick.


Nekki presents the third installment of its fighting game franchise: Shadow Fight 3. After more than 160 million downloads, the free video game adapts its action to high 3D definition with three factions to play with, hundreds of articles to collect, an unlimited number of missions and a new form of shadow. Dive into the world of shadows in a time of change. It reveals all its dark secrets and surpasses all the warriors of this earth. In this RPG wrestling game you will assume the role of a hero or heroine whose fate is yet to be determined. How do you see the future? You decide! Choose from three different fighting styles, experiment, combine your team, learn new and amazing moves, and explore a vast world full of adventures. Enjoy the beauty of true combat, made possible by modern technology and fluid animation.

Get in shadow fight infinite coins and gems.


Subway Surfers is a platform and action game with a mechanics very similar to that of Temple Run, where we’ll have to run away from the police through a dangerous police station.
trains seemingly abandoned, so that trains pass continuously at full speed better be careful.
Unlike Temple Run, Subway Surfers won’t handle our character with the accelerometer, but we will have three’ lanes’ to move our protagonist sliding your finger.

Of course, we can jump over obstacles (or train to train) and roll on the ground to avoid some others. We can also use different devices such as skateboards or jetpacks to help us in our endless career. Discover the trick of subway surfers infinite coins.


Last Day on Earth is a third-person MMORPG in which players can control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. At the beginning our will be to survive. As we continue to make ourselves into this new world in which only the strongest survives, however, we will continue to set ourselves goals much more ambitious.
Although it’s an online game and we can interact with other players (and even fight) against them), Last Day on Earth manages to transmit perfectly the sensation of loneliness of his post-apocalyptic world. We will almost always be alone, surrounded at most by one or other animal, which we can hunt; and by zombies, which we can kill. In this game there are also tricks to learn the free LDOE coins.


Monster Legends is a casual game in which our goal will be to collect and tame lots of fantastic creatures of all kinds, which we can also evolve. Fire red dragons, giant earth apes, giant water snakes, and much more.
At Monster Legends, players will have to create a suitable habitat for their players to play in monsters can live and develop naturally. In it we’ll have to build so much spaces for monsters to live in, such as buildings that provide us with resources and resources.
food (needed to evolve into our monsters).

Get the free resource trick monster legends.


Plants vs Zombies 2 is the sequel to PopCap’s popular tower defense, in which our mission is to defend our position (a house) from the ceaseless attacks of zombies, using an army of plants of all kinds. On this occasion, however, we will not only have to defend our owners’ garden from the attack of the zombies, but we will have to travel through time throughout different phases of history, to protect key places in the world with the help of our plants. We also have plants vs zombies coin trick.
As you would expect in a good sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has a few more plants to help us with our task, as well as a good handful of additional zombies. Thanks to this greater variety of units and enemies, this time we will have it even more complicated to overcome all levels of the game.


Candy Crush Saga is a delicious puzzle game with social brushstrokes, in which we will have to connect different colorful knick-knacks to create chains and make them disappear, while progressing through the more than 200 different levels that we will find in our sugary adventure.
The mechanics of Candy Crush Saga is very simple to learn, although quite complex to master. For this reason, the game will appeal to the little ones, who will be able to concentrate on the colorful graphics and simple moves, as well as to the tallest ones, who will find challenges beyond joining together colorful treats. Make your way exchanging and matching candies across more than 300 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure!

Get now in candy crush all infinite.

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