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Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Restaurant
Players: One player
Launch date: 22 May 2016

My Café Recipes and Stories is probably the best restaurant simulation game ever. Making money is not easy, let alone getting customers. The start is a little slow, but as you unlock customers and items, the addiction is high! Also, unlike other similar games, each character has his or her own story, which you can only reveal as you go along.

My Cafe trailer + game images

Ann and her employees will try to give their best, but you can also help. If you forget a recipe, look at the bottom right of the cup symbol. Clicking on it will take you to the entire list of recipes. When you have prepared the order, click on the customer again and give it to him. Here is a trailer of the game so you can start to understand what it is all about:


We recommend that you roll up your sleeves and serve yourself when many customers arrive. This is about speed, among other things. And by playing the waiter, you’ll be cutting seconds and avoiding leaving unsatisfied customers. Here are some images of the game for you to get familiar with it:

My Cafe tips: How to be the best

If you are reading this is because you really want to know how to be the best in My Cafe. Well, don’t worry, because in we will explain you the best tricks for My Cafe:

  • The most important and one of the most important My Cafe tips is to help the employees. They will be able to carry out the tasks for the customers, but you can also help them.
  • Improve the skills of your employees, another important tip. All three that can be upgraded are important, so try to keep the level of all three as high as possible.
  • Another of the most important My Cafe tips is to play as much as possible. If you log into the game daily you’ll find bonuses and upgrades, plus you’ll make the cafe progress much more efficiently than when your employees are doing the work.
  • You’ll also be able to make the cafe progress much more efficiently than when your employees are doing the work.
  • Decorating your cafe is important, and so is choosing a theme. You will see how you will automatically get more money
  • The same goes for machines and objects in a more important way. One of the most important My Cafe tricks is to buy new machines whenever you can, as these will give you the possibility to create new and more expensive recipes for your customers.


Tricks to get Diamonds at My Cafe

The most important resource of this game is the Diamonds. Thanks to them, you can get some benefits in the game that will make you level up faster and have more freedom. Here are some tricks to get diamonds in My Cafe.

  • Daily bonus: Every 24 hours we have available the daily bonus
  • See ads: It’s the most stable method of earning diamonds on a daily basis
  • Achievements: look at the achievements available and close to completion.
  • With the Gums Up platform you can get Diamonds for the My Cafe game


My Cafe resource generator

On the internet you will find many different resource generators for this type of game. However, most of these sites do not provide the desired solution to the players, that is why we recommend a 100% reliable website: You can get resources for any game for free.


Tutorial on how to get Diamonds at My Cafe

On the internet you can find a lot of information about how to get Diamonds for My Cafe, it is preferable that you use tricks that are reliable and above all that are not hacks. We provide you below with a tutorial on how to get Diamonds for this game legally:


What are the Diamonds at My Cafe for?

We have explained before how to get diamonds, but what are they for?

These Diamonds will give you some advantage in the game, such as

  • You can get new resources
  • You will have more freedom in the game
  • Self satisfaction in knowing you’ve won that award

Basic guide to play My Café

The My Café game is a very intuitive and basic game. But, as in any game, you must take into account a number of points in order to play successfully. Here is a video tutorial on how to play this game to help you understand it:


My Coffee Analysis

My Café is a very dynamic and easy to understand game. If you like to be a waiter this game is made for you. It has very good graphics and gameplay, although it also has some negative aspects. Now that you have a broader vision of the game, we provide you with an analysis of it:

  • You can interact with the character
  • Good graphics
  • Very realistic and well thought out
  • Hard to get diamonds
  • Includes micro-payments
  • Hang up and close

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