Tricks to download free mobile games


Clash of Clans. Angry Birds. Candy Crush. And we could continue naming the most popular games that can be downloaded on our mobile phone. We can spend hours playing these games without stopping (one of the reasons why the battery runs out fast), which are also free. But unfortunately there are also paid games, and you will need to find out several tricks to download them for free. Every one has its pros and cons, but the prize we want is always the same: free games.

Tricks to download free mobile games

The Play Store and the App Store offer both free games and paid games. The free one have no mystery: you download them and that's all. But when you download paid games, one of the options is to access to your operating system and remove the restrictions to not pay. It is what is known as "rooting" on Android or iOS jailbreak. If you are an Android user, you can also download the game in an .apk file to your PC, copy it to your mobile using the USB cable and install it using a file management app.

Free download games for Android mobile

But the file management app takes memory and space, and is quite cumbersome. Therefore we suggest you to use one of the apps that pay us in exchange of using it, to download free mobile games. Rather, we recommend using Gums Up, the best application we found in this sector, and we can use their rewards directly on the Play Store to "pay" for the games. And we say "pay" because the game will be really for free: you will not have to invest a penny.

Logically, the gums up download is free. Go to the Play Store (or to if you have an iOS system) and install this application on your device. Once registered, just have to start earning Gums, the points that will allow you to unlock the rewards you wish to get. Earn Gums is easy: click on "Win gums" (on the left top) and start using test applications, participating in polls or watching videos. For every friend you invite, you'll get 500 extra Gums, interesting if you know someone who can settle the application.

Download free games for mobile touch

Once we have the Gums, we only need to turn in that game we wanted, we have free games to download for Android, iOS and PC. To do this, we just have to go to the awards section of Gums Up and redeem them for gift cards from the Play Store or App Store, or for PayPal money, with which we can afford the paid games we want.


Do you want to know more about the Gumsup Universe? At we want to give you the best information regarding guides, tricks, secrets, free gift cards and how to earn money online. Are you ready to have the best current information to get to know a world without limits? Enter now to enjoy your favourite video game or software to the fullest!
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