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The new thing about the creators of ‘World of Tanks’ is ‘World of Warships’, where instead of tanks we control warships. World of Warships is a naval battle simulation game. In the title of Wargaming, available in Spain from September 2.015, we can put ourselves at the helm of more than 200 ships stories . In addition, we can give a personal touch to our fleet with modifications, flags…

It has 31 exclusive combat scenarios with variable climate , which makes each combat unique. World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action MMO that immerses players in the era of the devastating maritime wars of the 20th century. Immerse yourself in massive naval battles and master the overwhelming power of the multiton titans to conquer the high seas.

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World of Warships Ps4

The game provides numerous strategic opportunities for combat success. Sudden attacks from cover , cunning flanking attacks or open face-to-face confrontations : each player will have docenes of tactics to choose from! World of Warships is officially in open beta and free for anyone to play, but naval combat is a complicated affair and requires a deep knowledge of both large and small warships if it is to be successful.

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The large Belarusian study Wargaming invested four years in its development , but warships are much more voluminous and complex in relation to tanks (WoT) and planes (World of Warplanes), however, the development team has managed to build a fantastic mix of action, strategy and decisions that the player must take in a few seconds to survive the enemy offensive. We know that the following of Wargaming will be a game of science fiction and space travel, the remake of Master of Orion, a title of strategy by turns that is the antecedent of many of the great names of the genre of today.

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World of Warships is not exactly a simulation . Due to the incredible distance the ship-to-ship combat took in World War II, the map used in the demonstration was in an icebergs field, which allowed to cover where otherwise there would be none. However, it helps limit the battlefield and makes the game much more exciting..

The corazados can suffer a lot of damage , and ours caught fire when we were nearing the end of the encounter. The torpedo fire was particularly interesting, since World of Warships allows to control not only the general direction of the torpedoes, but also their propagation. In addition, it calculates where, along the radius covering the side of the ship from which they can be fired, you would have to aim to hit constantly moving ships .

World of Warships tricks

The citadel is easily one of the most desirable areas for you to aim your weapons if you have the skill and ammunition to pierce its heavy armor. The citadel is usually below any part of a ship with a large firearm site or smoke stack, and is often a large portion of the ship where ammunition and explosive weapons simply bounce off and produce little effective damage.

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World of Warships Tips – Finding the Citadel

Given the objective, if you get an adequate penetration to destroy the citadel then you will make the most devastating shot that can be made with any warship. Of course, for to penetrate the thick armour of the citadel’s hull you will need to fine tune your aim perfectly, and in the meantime it is useful to learn to recognize what portion of the citadel to hit at different times. There are two important places where you will obtain very different results if you make a correct penetrating blow.

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World of Warships Tricks – On torpedoes

There are 4 types of ships available . First of all, the aircraft carrier, very useful ships that carry three types of aircraft and can command several squadrons at the same time. Then there is the destroyers, with light armor, high cruising speed and an unusual ability to destroy enemy battleships quickly.

These corazados , the third type of ship, are slower, but have some huge guns that no one can deal with directly and also anti-aircraft artillery , key to counteracting aircraft carriers. And finally, there are cruises , a good combination of power, manoeuvrability and speed that can be used in all kinds of situations and that can also throw planes with some ease.

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In addition to these four ship types, there are different nationalities, with their own models and variants. Recently, Wargaming has announced that it will include this October 19 the new Soviet technological tree o, with legendary destroyers such as Izyaslav, the Gnevny or the Tashkent, also known as the Blue Cruiser ; and also the fleet of German cruisers, with long-lasting and powerful ships that make them hard enemies.

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The torpedo exist as one of the most interesting game innovations in World of Warships. Instead of a type of ammunition that focuses on short or long range, armor penetration, etc., torpedoes are based on a simple system of firing and success. If you hit any warship with a salvo or even a single torpedo you will inflict massive damage regardless of its armor or ship type. As a result, torpedoes can be your best friend or your worst nightmare!

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Graphically World of Warships is a portento. Wargaming has spent a lot of time recreating in great detail the ships, battleships and other ships that appear in ‘World of Warships’. And no matter how much the player is surrounded in the infinity of oceans and seas, this does not mean that the format does not involve variety or realism in everything that happens. The most important thing is to have fun, of course, but it is clear that its character free to play and MMO has never influenced the developer when it comes to make a impressive graphic aspect for her games.

Although it is a free game, you can access extra content by buying doblones or account or premium boats. The doubles in wows are the premium currency and serve, among other things, to buy experience. They are purchased in the game’s premium store, but with Gums Up, you get doubles for free !

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World of Warships Tricks – Peaked Fire

We’ve all seen the bullet fall on most popular shooters. If you want to hit a long distance target , then you have to aim something higher than the position of your target to compensate for the fall of the bullet before it reaches its destination. Diving fire is what happens when that distance is extended to the mid-map range of the world of warships, which means that it is aimed so high and at such a distance that the bullets are arched at a dramatic angle downwards.

Knowing how to use each ship at the right time and against the right enemy is the key to victory, and this can only be achieved if you play well as a team, because World of Warships focuses first and foremost on shared action with partners . It is something common to other Wargaming games, hence they have a gigantic community and their presence in the world of eSports does not stop growing.

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World of Warships Tips – The Destroyers

Destroyers are fast ships with extremely light armor , able to use both torpedoes and smaller deck barrels than their older brothers. As a result of their low armor and extremely high speed, surprise is their best weapon.

At the beginning of the battle it is best to hit P to deactivate your AA automated and batteries. You will lose some short-range damage , as well as some aircraft protection, but you will also not appear on the enemy radar because some pilot came a little closer than you expected. As in most modern FPS , firing a weapon of any type highlights you to the enemy , and with your lightest armor any shot well given can send you home.

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World of Warships tricks – More about the destroyers

The next step is to get close enough to launch the torpedoes. Move carefully and pay special attention to the way you deploy your smoke screens and the cover you keep between you and the enemy. Concentrate on move close enough to fire your torpedoes completely unnoticed or use ambush tactics to catch your enemies when they are in cover.

Be sure to carefully calculate where the torpedoes are placed and to calculate the time of the first deck gunshots with the moment the torpedoes hit. This will give you enough time to make a row of follow-up shots or simply disappear behind a smoke screen, and will also give you a small window in case your torpedoes fail.

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World of Warships Tricks – The torpedoes can be your worst nightmare

To balance this tremendous firepower, torpedoes move slowly , can be seen as they travel through the water, and often operate with a very limited range compared to other deck weapons. As a result, dominate the use of torpedoes is something that should be practiced just as much as any other weapon in the world of warships.

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As for the tips, keep in mind that you can keep the ALT button pressed to release all the torpedoes at once instead of doing it one by one, and that by pressing the torpedo key after having selected them as a weapon, you will be able to modify the size of your dispersion. Using a narrower <strong on a larger and slower target can ensure that they receive multiple hits, while a wider spread greatly increases their likelihood of hitting around.

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The xp or exp in wows and credits in wows, allow you to keep your fleet afloat, worth the redundancy, while the free experience can be used for any branch of ships without problems.

The premium boats are ships that can be bought in the game with doubloons or in the special lots of the premium shop. They have a range of benefits like:

      • No research needed (all modules are unlocked and mounted)
      • Gain more credits per battle
      • Have an elite status , which allows to use doubloons to convert the experience gained in free experience.
      • They can be assigned commanders of other ships of the same nation sin no type of penalization and without the need to train them again

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Other truco World of Warships is the trick of the premium account wows, we could say that this trick is the most useful of all, since thanks to the premium account we will be able to have all the advantages like winning a 50% more experience and credits per battle and a 50% of the commander’s experience per battle! Without a doubt this trick is the one that will allow you to enjoy the game more, for this trick you need a hack of World of Warships for infinite life.

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