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When it was announced, it attracted the attention of many, as they were the developers of the now famous Life is Strange. The thing that left a lot of discussion is that from a game mainly based on history and choices, the young boys of DONTNOD Entertainment they switched to a title that featured Role-Playing-Game mechanics. Originally its arrival was scheduled for November of two thousand and seventeen, but due to a serious technical problem it was postponed until a later date, and then finally confirmed its release for the XNUMXth of June. Today we finally find what it is in our hands Vampyr in its full version. We threw ourselves into this new and macabre adventure to find out what lies behind this long-awaited production and if it managed to make its mark as the famous title of DONTNOD did.

A rude awakening

The beginning of the game is quite spectacular, after a series of shots that show us the game world and what is happening, we will see our hero Jonathan Reid rising from a pile of corpses, who feels a change inside of himself. Having become a vampire, he will soon have to face a serious loss, forcing him to run away and wander in search of the answers to the questions that so much reverberate within his mind. The plot lays some pretty interesting foundations right from the start, moreover, the whole thing is amalgamated by the choice caused by our nature: feed on poor innocent victims or help the weak? - we remind you that Jonathan is a doctor who has served in the military -.

How beautiful are you London?

It is not only the narrative traits that captivate, but the settings where they lie, because Vampyr's Victorian London is impeccably crafted. The settings perfectly match the era, transpiring that typical architecture from every angle. The game map is very large, this is divided into areas that we will be able to explore and learn about during the main story of the game. To enrich the dish, secondary missions are encountered, which are quite valid and often hide satisfying sub-plots.

The Blood of Sin

We have anticipated it just now, but our hero is a Vampire, for this reason we will have the possibility to decide whether to feed ourselves with innocent people, but this is not all, we will have a diagram that we can consult when we want to increase the quantity. of "blood" and status of each single secondary character, in order to make it "bigger" and once devoured get as much experience as possible to level. The level of the protagonist is based on the number of skills obtained, each skill we will learn will progress the level progress bar - which is nothing more than the blood we sucked -. The interaction with the environment is important, as are the choices to be made during the dialogues, which play an important role in carrying out the missions. On the question of choices and the consequences that we may encounter in the future, we have noticed a certain similarity with Life is Strange. Completing the secondary missions is important, especially to get to know better certain characters who will appear during the main quest, besides that, helping people will allow us to have advantages in certain areas.

Bloody techniques

The game controls are quite simple, we have one button to attack and the other to dodge, all accompanied by a series of unique abilities that we can take advantage of with the blood bar. To fill the blood bar, it will be enough for us to suck it from our enemies, beasts or humans that are of no importance. On a technical level we found it rather fluid, even if we found some slowdown in the excited phases, despite the hardware we used is that of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Another negative note lies in the rather long and unjustifiable uploads, given the graphics sector which rests on the average and does not reach particularly high peaks, but nevertheless lets itself be "watched". One of the things that didn't quite go down is the impossibility of being able to skip, making certain stages quite cumbersome. Unfortunately, even the stealth phases are not the best, most of the time a direct approach is preferred due to some technical limitations. As for the difficulty we must say that we are quite satisfied, the level of aggression of the enemies is very high and it will not be common to end up on the carpet.

The audio sector is very accurate, especially as regards the cadence of the individual voice actors. The soundtrack managed to carve a place in our hearts, especially those in slightly more complex situations. Going back to talking about the technical side, in addition to those drops just mentioned, the only problem we encountered is that the application sometimes crashes out of nowhere, for no apparent reason.

Final Comment

Vampyr is certainly a production that deserves the attention of many, although it must be said that it is not free from significant defects, even if these can certainly be filed down thanks to future corrective patches. The story that revolves around Jonathan is intriguing and full of twists, rest assured that you will not be dissatisfied from this point of view. Of course, on a graphic level you could have aimed for a little more, but we must also point out that DONTNOD Entertainment does not have a large budget and for what it has done it deserves everyone's praise. In conclusion, for us it is a promoted title and we hope that the patches can fill those small flaws.

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