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War Heroes is a game very similar to Clash Royale in terms of rules and mechanics. Although within the amount of copies that have come out to SuperCell we must admit that this has surprised us. In general has a more warlike touch , both by the cards and by the scenarios, which recreate some of the most representative battlefields in history.


As for the goal of the game , we should not be too surprised, although there are nuances. We have to destroy enemy bunkers before the time runs out, otherwise we will go to sudden death. The decks are composed of human troops, letters of support, vehicles, and also introduces the figure of the general.

The recommendation is to always try to have more than 5 elixir . And only stay at zero if we are going to mount THE combo or if we have to defend ourselves as we can.


All cards have their function, and all should work relatively well. The problem is not the card, if not as you combine it, you will have:

  • TANKS: To absorb damage and allow the arrival of other letters
  • CARDS OF RANGE: They attack from afar and go great to protect a tank, but without protection will last little.
  • CHEAP CARDS: Even if they are weaker never underestimate a chart that cycles fast, if you throw it against the right chart you will have many chances to take advantage of energy.
  • WITH AREA DAMAGE: Normally ineffective against tanks, but ideal for cleaning cheap rival charts.
  • FAST: The speed of arrival of a letter can be decisive, and much more if the road is clear.



We have to knock down some of the rival’s buildings. But unlike Clash Royale, buildings have different lives. The weakest will always be the trenches on our left or the right of the rival. So unless the bunker is much more unprotected, it would be normal to start with the trenches. Of course, for each player, the trench will be in a different lane, so the first attack can define the lane to be played and create an advantage.


Like Clash Royale’s elixir, energy is basic. To manage it if to throw cards to the mad thing is fundamental, so much to not remain without cards with which to defend, as to mount combos of forceful attack.


There are thousands of combos that work! But generally, in War Heroes and almost any style game, a combo that always works to attack is tank in front, direct attack letter to bunker in the middle, and range letter behind.

Try different combinations until you find one you like, but try to keep this structure. The rest of your cards should depend on how you manage your energy and the cost of your main combo. Although as a tip start with cheap cards, this way you will cycle the combo faster and you will see if it is really good or not.



Each general has a different advantage, and will depend on our style of play and the cards we carry that we are interested in using one or the other:

  • ROSCOE ROCK: Pone seekers when a bunker is destroyed
  • GEORGE PATTONER: Put a Cruiser Tank every minute
  • FIDEL KAER: Put 6 soldiers every 7 cards drawn
  • WINSTON BUNKILL: Add defensive shields to bunkers from the start
  • VERTUNE: Add traps that harm enemy troops as they pass.

Do not think of the general as an advantage, if not as a letter more. Let’s try to create synergies with them, either to reinforce or to compensate.

Bunkill it will never hurt you, although it will not knock down a bunker. Vertune always will reduce the life of the rival although if he uses heavy troops, he will hardly notice it. As for generals who invoke troops, just think if that card would really suit your deck.



There is a pile of strategies possible, but we are going to give you some tips when it comes to playing that always work.

    • CONTRACT: If you let rival troops approach your bunker and throw your cards at that moment you will easily kill them and you will be able to mount one against your opponent with low energy.
    • CHEAP LETTERS: Try as many cheap letters as you can and understand their function. If you learn how to use them well and at the right time, all of them will give you energy advantages.
    • POLIVALENCE: In your deck you have to have everything, or at least be able to defend anything. They can attack you with land tanks, air charts , numerous units, etc.
    • DEFEND WITH TANKS: Even if the tanks don’t attack, a long life letter thrown near the bunkers can give you a lot of time and while you die your bunkers can kill many troops.
    • FASTCYCLE: When in doubt, using cheap cards will allow us to put permanent pressure on our opponent, making his attacks more difficult and forcing him to defend.



Improving the cards is the best way to improve the level of our deck. For it we will need cards and gold, and both resources are obtained with the coffers. So we must open as many chests as we can.

In general we have 3 types of chests:

    • TEMPORALS: They are free, we simply get them every 3 hours, the only thing is that we must try not to accumulate more than two because we will lose them.
    • FOR VICTORIES: We always have to have a victory chest opening, it is not necessary to fill all the gaps, but always have some in the queue. The quality of these coffers varies, and the only way to get the greater rarity, with better cards and more gold, is opening coffers until they come out.
    • FOR MEDALS: It is probably the most interesting chest to which we can go daily. In addition, achieving this will guarantee us victory coffers. So our daily goal should at least be to get this chest.



We recommend that you practice in the Battle Drill mode to improve your strategy. The Battle Drill is a one-player mode where you play against AI. Your deck will surely end up tested against AI, as battles are not at all easy. If you want to try a new deck or if you have just started playing, we recommend that you test your current deck against this opponent in the battle simulation.


War Heroes is a fast strategy game , so it is always a good idea to make an approach and opt for fully offensive tactics. Accelerate the attack whenever you can , from the beginning of each game. You have to be quick to deploy the different units before your opponent does. However, don’t deploy them lightly.


Throw the cards that will make a big impact from the beginning of the game. Since you start with the energy ceiling, all the stolen random cards will be available for display. And since your target will be one of the frontline bunkers, the cards you drag and drop onto the battlefield should always include vehicles and boosts against buildings .

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