Warframe - Beginner's Guide

Warframe it's one of those games that, thanks to the frightening amount of content inside, manages to keep players busy for months or even years, without ever making them feel too bored, just pure fun; among the different warframes from master, the huge amount of unique weapons to try and the different game modes to explore, you will rarely feel bored in the first thousand hours in-game.

The title, however, is not exempt from defects, and one of his biggest failures lies precisely in not being able to capture the interest of new people and therefore possible new players, due to a too basic tutorial and a too dispersed initial experience, in which the player is left without particular indications on what to do, if not for some clue in the codex (and there too, very vague and hidden).

This is where these come into play guide: in the coming weeks several articles will be released regarding the basics of the game and its mechanics, in such a way as to give anyone who wants to approach this title for the first time a vision the most exhaustive possible about it.

Today, after this necessary introduction, we will talk about the very first mission that we will meet as soon as a new game is started, that is "Vor's prize”, Which includes several important tutorials for understanding many of the core mechanics of the title.

So let's start from the first part, the "awakening" of ours Tenno.

“Wake Up, Tenno”

The game starts with a short cutscene that immediately catapults us into the setting of the game world: we are in an unspecified year of the future, the Earth seems completely covered with wild vegetation and ships sail the skies.

Accompanying this video is a voiceover, which gives us more information on what is happening.

Apparently we have slept a little too much, enough for us to be identified by the commander of a group of robotic humanoids, In front, who seems intent on tearing us apart.

And this is where, after opening a portal, we will be led to make the first choice of gameplay: our initial warframe.

Each Warframe it has incredibly unique and interesting features; we can choose between:

  • Excalibur: The ninja by definition, his entire skill pack is all about hitting very hard or stunning the enemies around him.
  • May: the ruler of magnetism, she bases her entire being on controlling the battlefield and unleashing powerful AoEs that annihilate surrounding enemies.
  • Volt: also referred to as "the god of speed" he comes with the ability to manipulate electricity, both to help allies and to hit enemies hard.

The best advice we can give you about this choice is to choose according to your preferences, keeping in mind that Excalibur among the three is the most versatile and Volt, if you don't find a clan to join, you won't be able to get it that easily.

Made the choice, our new Warframe he will fall from the cryogenic cell where he was sleeping peacefully and gain his powers again, but not before Vor attacks a device on his leg.

And this is where we will have a first approach to gameplay of the game, with a few lines of dialogue that will explain how to use the first skill at our disposal to decimate a wave of enemies that is threatening us.

To use it, just press one of the buttons for the first skill (different commands depending on the game platform such as PS4, XONE, PC and NSwitch), while to unlock and use the other 3 we will have to wait for our Warframe to level up.

The fight

Leaving the first room and learning to jump, you will be presented with the choice of a melee weapon to use in the first hours of the game. In particular, the two weapons in question will be the Skana, a short sword with fairly low damage and great attack speed, and theMK1-Bo, a stirrup with slightly higher stats but slower speed.

Also in this case, and in the case of all the weapons that will have to be chosen later, the choice it's up to the player, based on which of the two he finds most comfortable to use (so, if you really want to have them all in inventory and level them, just buy those left aside in the future for a handful of credits).

Shortly thereafter, the choice of the secondary weapon (the pistol Lato or MK1-Kunai) and then of that primary (the'arch Paris or the submachine gun MK1-Braton)

And after a short defense, we will finally be catapulted into the orbiter, our fully customizable spacecraft managed by a nice (and sometimes annoying) AI, Cephalon Ordis.

The Orbiter and the first missions

The space in which we will find ourselves will initially be very sparse and with very few interactions.

For this reason, before completing the quest, there will be a succession of missions dedicated to repairing the fundamental systems of the orbiter, until the assassination of Vor is unlocked.

PLEASE NOTE: you all will start with 50 platinums available in your inventory, in addition to credits. This currency is FUNDAMENTAL throughout the game, and must be used wisely, so if you see anything that requires platinum, DON'T DO IT, we will explain how to use them in the next guide.

Returning to us, the assassination of the general Grineer will officially declare the end of the tutorial and the beginning of your fascinating adventure on Warframe.

For today it is all, but this article will be followed in the coming weeks by others, in order to cover as much game as possible and make it as clear as possible to any person who wants to approach it.

Thanks to Simone Andrea Chincarini that made this guide possible.

Recall that the game is free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC e Nintendo Switch.


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